2014 What will it bring in?

In this year of the horse, transition will make it way into many of our lives.The universe is sending more love and knowledge than ever before. In the year of 2014 much will change especially in the way we view things. A lot of people will have growth spurts in both body and soul, moving forward to find their truth. 2014 represents a year of thinking outside the box, in terms of numerology a year for spiritual growth in all those prepare to take it on. Matters of the heart will be prevalent in many relationships. There will still be much sadness in those who try to live life without love. Many have been wounded and scared by the past and fear stops them bringing in joy and happiness. I also see many of those children born in 1980-90’s who in themselves have brought in so many new changes already, bringing in the new generation of space beamers.  These new souls arriving are far more aware than ever before and they will not need the old ways to learn and grow. And in the years to come will rebel if it is forced upon them. Their ability to sense and feel will be so much more than before, in saying that they will appear callous and  forceful to many older souls. They are impatience at goals and moving technology and they bring a awareness in looking after the planet and their bodies after their initial orientation in life. Sex and freedom are very important as is their ability to search for their own truth. While many different facets will be shown by them individually, their combine force will be overwhelmingly in of truth and breaking down old foundations. I would like to wish all my client past, present and future a happy and positive year. Remember we come here to live life and not be run by it.

All my love and blessings

Steve Spiritboy

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