Posting and Protection Again!

Afraid I have been flat out of late and I have nelegated my posts. That is about to change.

I have been occupied  with quite a few readings in the last week or so, but all trend through the year  seem to be about a lot of movement both within relationships and with travel. Also at present I an doing up a paper on protection and i should have it out before the month is out. Quite a few more people are becoming more aware of the negative energy around them and how it affects them.

I am also running some small private psychic development groups out of my place here at Woree. Designed for small numbers between 3-5, it allow more interaction and faster learning and fun. I run them during the week and at weekends. Contact me for further information.

On another front my good friends Donna and Alaine are due back from South America tonight, after sleeping on the jungle floor of many a humpy and eating god knows what, they are returning to the land of plenty.Hopefully they are both topped up with bundles of energy and ready to blast the rest of the year out.

Till the next post, evryone have agreat weekend

Steve the Spiritboy.

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