Anzac Memories.Happy or Sad!

I think most of us can appreciate the irony. The holiday midweek, ANZAC day, like a blessing in disguise. I woke up late for work, even forgetting the reasons for a holiday till the cloudy eyes focused and my heart sunk for all those men and women lost all those years before and since. Then I remembered the reason.

Not coming from a military background this lifetime, when i was very young I often wondered about the men marching in the hot sun, in their starched suits with medals dangling down, marching down Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. What did it mean? When stiff as boards and most old and wounded and staggering, they marched in loose columns, sturdy faces and stern looks. They keep marching onward and forward.

Only with hindsight and age can I understand a few of what would have been millions of thoughts on that day in April all those years ago. I often  wondered how they can be so serious marching in the sun and just a few short hours later they were loud, noisy and rampant in trying to digest as much as the amber liquid in such a short time as they could. I think that says alot about us as Australians. Often in the past when the odds were well against us and it looked like things were turning pear shaped quickly, we accepted the situation ,not liking it one bit, but what the hell, I not going to let my mate down. It just has to be done. Where other nationially and cultures would have given up, we as Aussies just smile and go on.

  R.I.P. All you brave Diggers, for time will not forget your brave deeds.

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