Star or Sun Signs (The Beginning)

Well we have all read our star signs in the papers or magazines and usually have a laugh on what the day or week is suppose to bring. Well the thing most people find out sooner rather than later is how totally on the horoscope was or how far it was out. Well what is the reason? There is a lot more to ones personal Astrology sheet than your Sun sign or horoscope sign. I mean how can 12 signs by themselves fit all the different people in the world into 12 baskets and be right on every time. Well it cant.

What the general Star signs give us is predicted tendencies and habits or characteristics  of that sign. For example my Sign Cancer is all about caring,emotion,being sensitive sometimes too much for our own good, being sullen, also family is usually very important and being comfortable at home sits best. But not all cancers are this way.Why? Because some cancers live on the edge of being close to Gemini or Leo. So they tend to have some of those qualities as well, this is what we call on the cusp of 2 signs.That is being a day or 2 either side of a the star sign break off point. For example Fred was born on June 22 rd and the cut of point for being Cancer is the 21 June. Fred is one day into cancer and one day from being a Gemini. Their is a good chance Fred would take on qualities from both signs.

             General Traits of your Star Signs.

Some traits can be positive and negative.

 In this chart below offers some general information about the star signs. Also mentioned is the best partners to work with either in business or relationships. So if your relationship is hard, there may be outside reasons why you both see things different and then not being able to agree on direction etc. Because your partner is in the worst section, doesn’t mean it wont work out, but you are working on a higher level.

 Aries:March 21 -April 20. Rules head, brain, face, red blood cells.                                          Best Partners: Sag,Leo,Libra              Worst:Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn.                                                                                             Positive: Energetic, enthusiastic, strong minded, adventurous, excitable, courageous, assertive, pioneering, positive.Negative: Impatient, impulsive, outspoken, thoughtless, hot tempered, domineering, extroverted, aggressive, reckless, load, ego driven.

Taurus:April 21 – May 22. Rules throat, neck.                                                                                    Best Partners:Capricorn,Virgo,Scorpio                Worst :Aries,Leo,Sag                               Positive: Reliable, loyal, practical, steady, domesticated, nature loving, sturdy, tenacious, artistic, patient.Negative: Plodder, stubborn, materialistic, lazy, rigid, introverted, controlling, greedy, intolerant, possessive.

Gemini:May 23 – June 20. Rules hands, lungs.                                                                                Best Partners: Sag,Gemini, Aquarius.                       Worst Pisces,Cancer,Scorpio           Positive: Lively, communicative, adaptable, quick mind, multifaceted, expressive, independent, sharp witted, mentally active, flirtatious, enthusiastic, friendly, optimistic.Negative: Highly strung, moody, unemotional, dishonest, gossipy, petty, cold, superficial, nervous.

Cancer:June 21- July 22.  Rules breasts, stomach.                                                                           Best Partners: Scorpio,Pisces,Capricorn.          Worst :Gemini,Libra,Aquarius.              Positive: Sensitive, home loving, nurturer, kind, compassionate, caring, protective, sentimental, loyal, reliable, hardworking, trustworthy, industrious.Negative: Moody, sulky, quiet, over protective, holds grudges, defensive, insecure, needy, over-sensitive.

Leo:July 23 – August 22 Rules heart, spine and back.                                                            Best Partners: Aries,Sag,Aquarius.                Worst :Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn.                      Positive: Loyal, proud, determined, generous, theatrical, fun loving, affectionate, humorous, creative, regal.Negative: egotistical, pompous, lazy, bossy, attention seeking, arrogant, demanding, dramatic, overbearing.

Virgo:August 23-Sept.22 Rules hands, intestines, nervous system.                                            Best Partners: Taurus,Capricorn,Pisces. Worst: Aries,Leo,Sag.                                  Positive: Intelligent, capable, serious, modest, diligent, analytical, elegant, logical, adaptable, healing, sincere.Negative: Critical, fussy, restless, small minded, worrying, anxious, cold, bitchy, spiteful, Devious.

Libra:Sept 23 – Oct 22.  Rules kidneys, lumbar region, blood.                                                        Best Partners: Gemini,Aqu,Aries             Worst: Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces                    Positive: Charming, well liked, social, refined, cool, well learned, romantic, diplomatic, polite, cooperative, friendly.Negative: Indecisive, extroverted, impractical, self-seeking, insincere, hesitant, manipulative, flirtatious.

Scorpio: Oct 23 – Nov 21.  Rules sex organs.                                                                                    Best Partners: Cancer,Pisces,Taurus.                               Worst :Gemini,Libra,Aquarious. Positive: Sexual, intense, determined, shrewd, powerful, loyal, resilient, magnetic, intriguing, intuitive.Negative: Possessive, secretive, devious, jealous, provocative, suspicious, opportunistic, unforgiving.

Sagittarius:Nov 22 – Dec 22 Rules thighs and legs.                                                                           Best Partners: Gemini,Leo,Aries                      Worst :Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn.                            Positive: Chatty, lively, optimistic, humorous, freedom lover, affectionate, adventurous, creative, spontaneous, inspirational, approachable.Negative: Out spoken, quick tempered, inconstant, extrovert, combatant, impulsive, fanatical, argumentative, intolerant.

Capricorn: Dec 23 – Jan 20. Rules knees, shin, and bones.                                                          Best Partners: Cancer,Taurus,Virgo.    Worst: Aries,Leo,Sag.                                             Positive: Sensible, reserved, cautious, ambitious, hardworking, reliable, wise, moralistic, earthly, serious, determined, dutiful, sensual, resourceful, practical.Negative: Tight fisted, cold, insecure, too serious, cynical, ruthless, depressing, introverted, aloof.

Aquarius: Jan 21 – Feb 19. Rules ankles,calves,circulatory  .                                                         Best Partners: Gemini,Libra,Leo. Worst:Pisces,Cancer,Scorpio.                                         Positive: Friendly, humane, intelligent, unique, gifted, open-minded, social, accepting.Negative: Detached, eccentric, cool, aloof, self-opinionated, stubborn, unemotional, rebellious, erratic, unpredictable.

Pisces:Feb 20- March 20. Rules feet, liver.                                                                                                  Best Partners:Scorpio,Cancer,Virgo                           Worst: Gemini,Aquarius,Libra. Positive: Emotional, sensitive, dual nature, artistic, adaptable, kind, self-sacrificing, dependent, humble, spiritual, easy-going, gentle, forgiving, caring.Negative: Introverted, vague, confused, escapist, moody, unmotivated, insecure, delusional, clingy, self-pitying.

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NOTE: The above dates are a guideline only. Because of leap years, time zone differences and other factors, the exact day and time when the Sun changes signs varies from year to year. If you are born close to the changeover dates (close to the cusp) of the signs, you need to have your own personal horoscope drawn up in order to know exactly which sign you were born under.

In the next issue,we will further explore the stars and planets.

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