Auras and Kirlian Cameras.

Kirlian Cameras are sometimes advertised as being able to take aura colour photographs of the body and inert objects such as leaves. The truth is not quite that simple. The photo is not of a true aura as such but a representation of one. Let me try and explain.

The human body generates a electromagnetic field as well as light, sound, heat and a gravitational field. (E.E.G machines for your Heart Health for example, measure electro magnetic field of the heart.) The electro-magnetic field surrounding the body is also called the aura. The Aura Or Kirlian Camera does not directly take a picture of the aura, but translates the frequency and field to an computer generated set of colour or colours. In other words a translation of your aura from a machine to something our eyes will recognise.

The visible light spectrum that we all can see is a combination of many primary colours, these are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Our body aura and personality change when our physical, emotional, or mental  situation do. Many of the psychic fair cameras only take the head regions of our body which will have a lot to do with our emotions and thoughts at that time of our life. Colours are represented of our main concerns at the time of the picture or camera shot. On what position the colours land on our body will indicate what each part in us feels, for example in broken bones or diseases, the physical indications of stress or trauma will show. Outside influences such as other people and situations can also change our aura. The aura’s of two beings that like or love each other will mix while the aura’s of two who dislike the other will repel both.

There are the seven primary colours which can also mix into millions of different shades and blends, just as we used to mix paint colours at school, the camera can do the same. In the  main most people will show one main colour predominately with some minor shades.

The reason auras are hard for most humans to see are they range just outside our normal range of vision. Certain people are gifted or train to be able to see auras naturally. They have the wonderful ability to see people in a different way to most of us. I know of one such gifted psychic who has the knowledge and wisdom that helps many people whom he reads for.  His main visual sense to see the persons auras help him  in diagnosising clients to guide them in the areas they need.

The purple coming in.

The Passion of Red with Purple Spiritual Emerging.

This photo taken some years ago shows my own aura image captured by the camera. As you can see the colours are strong and indicate primary passion and intensity in my life. The purple is a spiritual knowledge or influence coming in. Below that is a list of what the colours in the photo will mean. Of course each person is unique and as such has a different set of conditions influencing them.

Meanings for the colours
General Meanigs to Aura Photo


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