Feng Shui – the Basics.

Feng Shui has become quite popular with the western world in the last decade or two. It is based on thousands of years of ancient Chinese living style, it was practiced and still is by many of our Asian counterparts. It a way of blending your life into the seasonal changes and take advantage of the most optimal way to live our lives. Feng Shui can be used through all parts of our life, from enhancing our house or unit to our relationships. Strongly believed by praticioners to help us in all areas of our life, and the more you tune in the better your luck and wisdom and prosperity.

The basis of Feng Shui is to alter or use your environment and yourself to feel at peace with the universe, and by using these principles make your luck better and feel better in yourself. Many buildings being built today in modern western society’s incorporate aspects or some principles of Feng Shui.

Principles of Feng Shui.

In Chinese Feng means Wind and Shui means Water, and the ancients saw these two elements as the link between heaven and earth. Also to the believers these elements also carry the invisible life force called Ch’i. Chu’i literally means  ‘The breathe of Life’ And to ensure abundance and good fortune it was important to link both flow of the wind and water with the interaction of land and buildings. Ch’i works on all level in us and mother nature. It is believed if ch’i is stagnant in crops or us, we will be but a poor and sick relation to those that use their ch’i well. By using our life force in the proper way, it enables us to live a full life with prosperity but if your ch’i get stuck or limited movement in our life will be stuck or limited.

The Chinese believed that there were Three kinds of Luck in life, the luck you make yourself (Ren Choy) and the luck that was given by heaven at birth (T’ien Choy) and lastly the earth Luck (Ti Choy). We cannot change the Heaven luck but we can certainly change the Ti Choy or earth Luck and the Ren Choy.The ancient Chinese positioned houses and palaces in the most optimum places so both the luck and life energy would flow the best. When that was restricted or blocked so was there luck and life. Many things such as which direction your door faces and if your front door and back door allowed for the energy or ch’i to flow straight through and away from you became very important.

These are only a few of the basis. There are many good books of Feng Shui for those that would like more information, remember keep your Ch’i sharp and your life will move, but have it blocked and so will your life be.

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