Basic Meditation Technique.

The funny thing about meditation is that its really simple and straight forward, but can be hard for a lot of of us when we try to put it in practice. The simple fact is the mind or brain doesn’t like to loose control. We are so use to it running our body, thoughts and habits, that it’s runs in the background all the time without us giving it much thought. As soon as you try and turn it off, its fears for itself and fights for survival. That’s why when under work, financial or other pressures, we cannot get to sleep or relax as the mind goes into overtime, evaluates and wont quieten down. Most of us at some point in our lives have had this trouble with our mind and thoughts racing without us having a switch to turn it off.

Meditation when practiced regularly calms the minds and allows us to go into the real us inside to get the answers we  need at the time that logic cant give us. It been proven scientifically that regular mediation is good for us and clears the worry and clutter of day to day life as well as relaxing our body and organs. A short meditation properly focused can nearly be as good as a full nights sleep.


There are many and varied. Even when we daydream we have a form of meditation that take the mind and logic away for awhile. Remember its all about calming the mind to find the inner peace. In the next few articles I will expand on other ways and different techniques. But for now try this one first to get started.

1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Make sure all phones, faxes or any thing else that will break your peace are turned down or off. Sit down in a comfortable position with your back straight and arms and legs unfolded if possible. Some people lay down in a sleeping position, although in resting like this you may fall asleep. Try and close the curtains or have a eye mask ready to block the light, as any visual light will start the mind racing again. Remember your senses will usually stir and wake your mind and get you away from the inner peace.

2.Start by playing some gentle music that flows and ebbs if possible, remember a slow tempo is preferable, you are not at a rock concert..  When you are comfortable, close your eyes or wear that eye mask and try and centre your energy, go into yourself. At first the mind will do everything to be noticed, allow it, acknowledge it and refocus and centre yourself. Keep bringing your thoughts back to your centre. A great way to start learning is to focus and center on your breathing, lungs and rib cage. Concentrate on your breathe and fill your lungs up with air and slowly release it. Keep bringing your self back if your mind wonders to the steady breathing and sense your ribs mentally expanding and contacting with each new breath. At first practice for 5 -10 minutes unless you feel you can do more and slowly over a week or two meditate longer. When you can relax your mind your inner soul will start talking to you. This is knowledge that most of us lock up and never hear that can help us move forward when we are stuck. Your health and stress levels should improve and you come out of the meditation relaxed, calm and peaceful. For just like a sleep, meditation calms the mind and body, refreshing us. Follow this every day and will will feel happier, brighter and remember practice makes perfect. See you next time. For classes and workshops involving meditation feel free to email or call for details.

Steve Spiritboy

Finding inner peace

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