Ghosts,Earthbound Spirits and Paranormal.

Wow  what an interesting and explosive subject. It is a field so vast and defiantly exploited by Hollywood and books for so long. Even now I on the cinemas screen is another Paranormal movie, about things that go bump in the night. Obviously Hollywood and her directors never get anything wrong :), do they?

We should have a base from which to start this discussion. The ghost or earthbound spirit should never be mistaken for your spirit-guide or visits from your helpers. My beliefs are that ghosts or earthbound spirits have a reason they haven’t crossed over to the light and remain tied around the place or places where they had a issue, passion or fear . They will feel so strongly about a place or events that happened in their life that when that person dies or passes away instead of going to the light or spirit world they will remain in limbo between the physical world and spirit world thinking they are still alive. They feel they need to stay in order to change something or get someone to notice them. In other words they refuse to accept death (they think they are still alive) and go back home to spirit and then get caught in a endless cycle of experiencing the event over and over again. Take for example someone has been murdered or wronged by someone, the earthbound spirit will want whoever hurt them to be brought to justice. They will try to connect to anyone they can to bring justice for them.

Most earth bound spirits are harmless and sooner or later will cross over to the light. Usually they are interesting to some, annoying and scary to other folks. There are various ways to move them on, with prayers and connecting with them and sending them to the light to meet friends, sage and sprays to clear the house of any negative energy and others. I would strongly suggest to employ someone to help clear your home or space, someone who can help you and the incarnate spirit move on. Clearing houses and places is a specialized knowledge and will usually help the house getting back to normality. Some earthbound spirits can take several visits to help them move on, depending on how strong is their feelings about their circumstances.

Often when you move into an old house, you can notice things moving or falling off the shelves, noises and scrapping in the middle of the night, lights and electrical gear turning on and off. These can be sign that you have earth bound spirits at your location. Children can sometimes get scared because of their ability to see spirits easier than most people.Children up until about the age of 7 can see spirit well, after all they have just come from the other side when they were born.

I know of a friend who moved into a old Queenslander (Double Story Wooden House) with a girlfriend and her daughter and grandchildren and were immediately bombarded with things falling off shelves, TV turning on in the middle of the night, windows opening,and various other events, all usually happening when everyone went to bed. The daughter felt the spirit tickling her toes and the kids saw the woman spirit who they say tried to lead them away with lollies. Some people seem to attract the earthbound spirits more than others in the house and usually one part of the house will have more activity than the rest. Also never, never play with Ouija boards or the like as without protection you will draw in all manner of low negative energy and spirits. Like a lighted beacon to moths, you will draw them in for miles.

Often an energy will pervade a location where a major event or trauma happened many years previously. For example around old battlefields and murder scenes,  places where people passed over quickly and savagely. These areas can feel odd and depressing and it is my belief they still hold residual negative energy from that event. Sensitive people without protection can almost go into a head spin in these areas. Places such as these will hold this energy for many years.

For further information on clearing of houses or places contact me on 0418773614 and if I cant help directly I will point you in the right direction.

Steve Spiritboy.

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