Mediums and Psychics.

I’ve just watch a short video on utube which summed up why I do what I do. The video was when the John Edward the medium was reading for Anderson Cooper (a talk show host in the states) early this year. Obviously true mediums like John Edward are scarce and the amount of information he can obtain for the ones left behind, is truly remarkable.

What are mediums? True mediums have the ability to be able to raise their vibration to bridge the gap between our own dense physical world and the lighter spirit world.The mediums are the phone link between the two worlds, and as such can give hope and messages to those left behind when loved one pass over to spirit.

This ability to communicate with the passed ones, is often misunderstood by a lot of the general public. Skeptics while necessary usually have a hard time believing what they cant see or feel, and often lash out at anything they see as a hoax or false. While most psychic and mediums accept the work of skeptics as  truth in their own eyes, the attacks often feel one sided. Some  seem to lash out and label everyone as frauds or money grabbers. In my own case I actually lose money to do this job!. My old trade brought me in 10 times what I make now.  My goal is to help people if they are ready to, and not  feast off their carcasses like some skeptics imitate. Even now after all these years, some of my closest friends from my early days and even my brother, laugh and make fun of me and what i do. If I have to be truthful it still hurts a bit, but I know in my heart and soul, that what I do helps and guides many souls on their way in life. Like John says in the interview if he leaves people in a better spot after a reading  with a smile and a positive outlook forward, then he has done his job .To me that is the big reward.

The two things that were noticeable for me in this video, is the validation from the first lady of what John does with helping the bereaved ones through their loss. So much that he was brought to tears and was speak less by her loving words.Secondly the fact he went in to do a reading on the journalist Anderson Cooper and picked up on the Cameraman’s loved ones that have passed over. The same thing can happen in psychic readings if a friend or another person is in the room at the same time, as we pick up on all energy’s, and messages for all party’s can come through, not just for the client.

Anyway have a good weekend and enjoy yourself.

Remember be kind to others and smile.

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