Psychic Protection of our Energy from Others.

Before reading this section it is important you have a understanding of our energy field or auras. Please read    Auras and Energy.

It will make it easier to understand how other people and their energy can affect us.

Protection of our Aura and Energy.

So depending on the people around you, the different auras will build you up in a positive or a negative way. When you understand the basic concepts of auras and energy exchange, it should become quite apparent why we need to protect ourselves from negative or bad energy from intended or unintended sources.

The Physical Block or Protection.

For those that have studied body language, this should be familiar. When you’re in a room with people or standing in front of a person that you want to protect yourself from, try crossing your arms and legs if possible and don’t face directly towards them. Stand or sit pointing away from them. Most shy people will practice this ability without realising it. Really they are saying stay away from me I don’t want to interact with you. Whether or not you realise it, we all use body language to close off or open up to others. You would not use the closed off position if you were going for a job interview, probably the opposite if you wanted the job. When I read for people they are opposite and facing me, this opens them up so I can help them. People who cross or hold their arms are hard to read. They are automatically blocking their energy from me.

The Spiritual Blocks or Protection.

All people using their psychic abilities (which is everyone,whether they understand it or not), should practice psychic protection. At a basic level it will stop other people using our energy unless we want them to. Healers, psychics, nurses, medical staff ,Salesman and anyone in large offices or in the healing field should learn this valuable art. Stress, feeling unwell, worn out and being run down are all signs of people robbing your energy or being around sick persons. People around dysfunctional relationships or dealing with a lot of people should learn aura protection also.

We as humans seem to want to control everything to the ninth degree, so it only natural  that if you are feeling down and someone else around you is happy, why not get some of their energy and put a smile on our face!

Psychic Protective Practices for your Aura.

One of the biggest problems when you open your psychic ability is the increase of your sensitivity to any energies around you. This can be difficult to deal with initually. Things such as headaches, feeling uck, exhausted and lack of energy are a sure sign of someone robbing your energy. Protection should be up most in your mind and dome regularly.

The Mirror Armour.

I believe this to be one of the most efficient ways to protect yourself. To be used every morning, before work, at lunch and before going out at night, in other words anytime you are meeting other people. When you are practiced it only takes a few seconds to protect yourself.

“Rest in your mind’s eye and establish a regular meditative breath, calm and centre yourself. Now after maintaining a quiet moment and space in your mind, visualize in your mind a light breathable mirrored suit of Armour reflecting away from you. Make sure its goes all round and under you, leave no place where the bad energy can get through. Every time someone comes to drain or change your energy see their attempts bounce of your suit of Armour and head back to them. Picture arrows of negative energy hitting your mirrored suit and heading back to the owner as converted  love. If you just rebound the arrows back without converting them to love, you are no better than those firing at you, you could be seen are trying to transpose your will on others.”

The Condom or Bubble Field.

Very similar to the mirror Armour but as you mediate imagine one or the another completely surrounding you as protection. Picture the negative energy bouncing off your shield converting to love. Doing this regularly will keep your protection up against the energy robbers.

Spirit Guides or Angels: Spirit guides and angels are our connection to the spirit world or source. They are there to help us through us this life. They can be relations who pass over or higher energy beings that care and nurture us. You must ask for help or protection from them in order for them to help us. They are experts at what we go through in life and are there (if allowed) to help us. Remember they cannot help us unless we ask for it. Before I read for someone I always ask for a ball of protection from my guides to surround us in the reading room and allowing it to connect to the client and their guides to bring out any information for their greater good. Remember the guides are there to help. All though our life, different guides will come and go as we move through different crisis’s and situations. I believe most people have 2 to 3 guides with them all the time and though they may change through our life they are always with us when called upon. Guides are our experts on life in the physical world.

Incense and Sage Protection.

Burning incense and sage is a great way to chase away negative or bad energy in your aura or surrounds. White Sage has been used for eons by the Native American Indians for protection. The clearing of houses and areas of unwanted spirit activity and energy often use sage. The sage burnt around your aura and your home and work place(if allowed), will clear any unwanted dark energy. Sometimes this might take several attempts , but if practiced regularly will clear your personal, home and work area. There are several types of sage, use the one the best suits you. In an enclosed room the fumes can be too much for some people so first up only burn it for a short time and then build up to longer times.

Incense is also a great way to make your environment smell nice and refreshing and be protective at the same time. Incense is available in many variety’s and forms for all different applications.

Rose water is great for getting rid of unwanted energy’s as well, just by spraying it in the air will help.

 How to clear your Aura with Sage.

Best done with another person helping, but can be done by yourself. Starting from the feet work your way up the body, making sure you go through the legs. Around the body, and on top. This exercise is effective if practiced regularly say once a week or fortnight.

Vibration and Flower Essences.

Certain flowers and essences can open up and protect our auras. Lavender mixed with water is a great comforter and has a calming effect on most people. Be watchful and ask if others are allergic to certain essences.

Strengthening of the Auric Field.

There are many ways to reinvigorate your aura after it has suffered damage. Just in day to day activity’s around people or in stressful situations our aura can suffer. Having a relaxing holiday away from work, especially to nature is one a lot of us should do more often.

Spiritual healers and psychics often use some of these techniques, again it’s about the ones that work for you. So don’t be afraid of experimenting till you find the one that suits you the best.

Shower after Work.

Often during stressful days at work we can come home frazzled and dazed. One of the simplest and best ways to remove a lot of negative or bad energy is to have a good old fashion shower. A bath is better, especially if you can lay and let the water take away the rubbish that has stuck to you during the day. The hair especially is a trap for unwanted energy, so makes sure it gets a good wash. A lot of women for example don’t like washing their hair at night and so they sleep with all of the days rubbish all night. Another reason why people find it hard to sleep and are restless. You wouldn’t take your dirty bin to bed, would you, and you certainly would not be to sleep well with the smell of rotten rubbish.

Crystal Recharging and Stabilizing of your Aura.

Crystals have the ability to absorb and amplify different frequency or energy’s. Holding double terminated crystals while resting or mediating will increase your aura field. The pointed end will draw energy into our aura. Crystal work on different frequency’s to help restore our energy auras. Different crystals work with different parts of us to heal and recharge and balance the different areas. The easiest way to start out is to relate them the colours of the chakras. Blue crystal with the blue throat chakra. Clear quartz can be used just about anywhere and is a very common crystal. Quartz is silicone and has been used in the early days to make crystal radios as the crystal absorbs and amplifies the radio signal. Silicone chip or quartz crystal is the cornerstone of modern computers and this should show you how important they are to the human race.

Reiki or Spiritual Healing.

Using traditional Reiki or Spiritual Healing can realign our energy centres and allow energy to flow properly. Depending on the type, frequency and the healer, has to do with how effective this will be. A good healer can identify what is needed and where. Regular and ongoing healing would ensure the best option for maintaining our Auric field at maximum health.

A Group Healing

Massage and Energy Moving.

Some massage and energy movers can really have a positive effect on our physical bodies, by realigning and strengthening our auras. Moving old stale unwanted energy by physically and spiritually shifting it out of us. A good example of that is my good friend Mayom does. See how it is happens with this link Thai Massage.

The Cleansing Vortex.

Over a period of time during the day, reacting with others aura can leave us feeling burnt out and dirty with negative debris clinging to our aura. A simple five minute exercise will greatly help restore and cleanse our aura. Sitting or lying down gradually slow your breathing and start relaxing your muscles, leg and arms. Mediation music can help you achieve regular slow breathing. Now in your mind’s eye visualise about 5-10 meters above you a sucking clean vortex of golden white energy spinning up and out. Slowly lower the vortex down to cover all of your aura and visualize all the dirty murky bits getting sucked up the vortex like a vacuum cleaner. As the dirty dribs go, imagine fresh new light filtering down the centre of the vortex. With each moment your aura is being purified and refreshed. When you feel the aura clean gradually come back to ground yourself in the room. This exercise if practiced regularly will greatly help you maintain your vital energy levels.

Auras , Chakras and their Colours.

I will touch briefly on Chakras as they are a subject unto themselves. Auras and Chakras all link into the body’s energy system. Reiki and other spiritual healing Modalities use the Chakras to realign and balance our bodies so energy flows smoothly. When energies get blocked in the body by major or continuous events, such things as anger, grief, sorrow, negativity and many others are stuck in us. Physical illness and stress and other signs of sickness will always follow sooner or later. The seven Chakras have recognized colours associated with them. Auras colours are not the same, as we are all different and at different stages of soul development in spiritual terms.

Some people are naturally gifted at seeing the different colours of auras and people. Most of us will either see partial auras or will need eye exercise practice in order to see any. Kiernan photography is another way to see and experience the bodies auras colours. Anyone who has been to a psychic fair will have probably seen the camera in action. It will primarily focus on the head and shoulder area and show the colours around us. Because everyone is different, different colours will show up on different individuals. These primary colours are indicative of our character strengths and talents, most of us have a mix of a few colours, just like in life. The colours in the aura field normally have different strengths and shades and positions around the body. Colours can be uplifting or downright depressive, attracting or repulsing. Remember our aura field is a sign of our physical body. There is much to be said about our own thoughts move us forward or sabotage us in life.

Red: This colour is all about passion, excitement, sexual energy and strength. Too much or a murky red can indicate an imbalance, temper and aggression.

Orange: Orange is a warm, comforting and creative. Social and joy are positive attributes. Deep orange or murky can represent greed, worry and vanity issues.

Yellow: The mental colour yellow represents our thinking processes. It can indicate wisdom , learning and openness. Deep yellow or murky can represent depression or over activation of mental and analysing processes.

Green: The colour of healing, sensitivity, compassion, friendliness and abundance. Deep green or murky can represent miserliness, jealousy, controlling and mistrust.

Blue: Colour of quiet and calm, devotion, seriousness and truth fall under its banner. Deep blue or murky can represent blocked ideas, excess worrying and oversensitivity.

Purple/Violet: The colour of blending of the physical with the spiritual, humanity, intuition and independence. Deep Purple or murky is about misunderstanding, overbearing and intimidating.

Pink: The colour of purity, compassion  and love. A reflection of love and companionship. Murky pink can reflect immaturity, lack of truthfulness.

Gold: Represents spiritual energy and a strength in one’s power, devotion and true harmony. Deep gold or murky can be a sign of emerging awareness, a work in process so to speak.

White: White has a combination of all the colours. In strength it is truth and purity and awakening of creativity.

Grey: A colour of unveiling hidden abilities. The energies are usually are in the field of illumination, intuition and creative juices.  Dark greys can be physical imbalances, especially next to areas in the body.

Brown: New growth and laying of roots. On the negative can indicate need to clean the chakras or energy centres or health issues.

Black: Is a strange colour. On one hand it can represent the person is protecting their aura but is also be an indication that someone is hiding something. Black can also mean that imbalances or holes in the aura. Effects of sexual and all forms of abuse can lead to a ripping of the aura which will leak energy which can be hard to fix. It is a result of the conscience being ripped out of the physical body during the abuse, this is a reason why abused victims often forget much of the abuse.

 Summary: It has my experience that anyone practicing psychic development and not protecting themselves will sooner or later get hit with bad negative energy. Try different techniques and use the ones that feel right or work for you. A lot of people will use more than one form of protection, so try a few. These are only some of the techniques for protecting your energy.

Remember ,experiment till you find the one that works for you. Good Luck

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