Psychometry or Sensing with Objects.

What a big name for something we can all do with varying degrees of success. Psychometry is the art of reading information or energy from objects. We often use Psychometry in our psychic development workshops to show people how easy it is to read energy from them. OK we should start from the basics.

All objects living or dead have energy or fields around them. These fields vibrate at different frequency’s. When we hold a object or have a person close to us we can and will pick up the energy. This is one of the main ways we can feel  something about a object or sense the person (for example how they are feeling or if we like them even). For more information about energy fields and auras please look at

Back to reading an object. There are two main energy’s usually surrounding an object. The first is the energy of the inanimate object and the second the energy’s of the person or persons that have come into contact with it. For arguments sake lets use a piece of jewelry say a necklace. This necklace has it primary energy and lastly the persons energy that wears it. The energy that is usually easier to sense or read is the strongest one. If the lady who wears it, has it on her 24/7 and has been wearing it for 5 years it should have a very strong footprint of the lady’s energy. From these energy’s using some or all of your senses,sight, touch, taste, smell, intuition, hearing you will start getting impressions from the necklace. By placing it in your hand and feeling it, images or other sensations should start coming to you. By the way it is always easier if you have had  a mediation before or at the very least nice and relaxed. It is easier to perceive when you are in this relaxed state. Have a piece of paper to jot down all the impressions and anything you sense or feel about the object or person. You will be amazed at what you can pick up. Always ask the person permission before doing any readings though as often you can pick up embarrassing or personal details they may not want bought out into the open. The more you try Psychometry the better you will become. Remember it always easier to read a object when you don’t know who it belongs to. Always ask  feedback if you can from the owner and you will be amazed at the results. All the best, have a go and let me know how you fare.

Steve Spiritboy

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