Coffee and Tea Leaf Reading.

Well I remember when I first came To Cairns in the early 80’s and our lovely Landlady June used to every Saturday Morning with her husband Sam come to collect all the units rent for the week. Well Sam would be up one end of the units getting rent and June would be down the other end with us, reading our cups. You see Sam being the dominant husband as was the case in those days, absolutely refused to let June do any Gypsy Magic as he called it. This didn’t stop June, originally coming from somewhere near Yugoslavia in the old country she found her talent in Tea Cup Divination. She was uncanny in getting details of my early life in Brisbane right, things that no one else would know and more. And June seem to know the exact moment Sam was heading back to our unit with his takings and immediately she stop the reading and we would have to wait for next week to find out more about us. Sam never caught her to the best of my knowledge ,she was one step ahead of him all the way.Well June and her husband passed away many years ago now, but I often think about June’s uncanny knack of reaching into my past. June was my first introduction into Tea Reading and she led me from a total unbeliever and skeptic into a converted follower.

Have Fun with your Friends

Well last year, many years from June Passing I decided I needed to pass along some of the knowledge I have learnt on my travels. My Book “The Coffee Guri” is a true tribute to the many June over the years who have read our leaves and better our lives for it.The book contains a knowledge section on symbols and further breaks down the keywords into General Theme,Relationship and Wisdom Warning as well as how to read the cup. It is a great fun source left on your coffee table which will fuel discussion for many years with your family and friends. A great enjoyable way to enjoy your favorite brew and divine the future.

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Here is a short Video of Coffee reading

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