To Tarot or Not to Tarot (Part 2)

In this part I will delve more closely into the individual parts of the tarot. These notes are based on the common Rider Waite tarot pack with a total of 78 cards. The breakdown of the pack goes as follows:

  • The Major Arcana (22 cards),
  • The Court cards (16 cards), and
  • The Minor Arcana (40 cards).


In this part I will focus on the minor Arcana and what they mean to the pack as a whole. The minor Arcana are the babies of the pack, these cards represent our day to day activities. It is believed the common 52 card pack that people play poker and such were originally from the tarot pack. As with the common pack  the tarot has four different suits and start from the Ace’s and goes to the 10’s. In the next issue we will speak of the Court cards.


In fact it is relatively easy to use the common 52 card pack to read for people once you get used to the suits.I am going to talk about the four different suits in the tarot now. The suits are the Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles. These four suits represents different energy in their respective areas.

Hard Going.

Wands : The Wands energy a fire sign, represents strength and energy in a situation. These can be representative of work and have a connection with career or business and can also represent struggle in difficult times. In the negative connotations laziness and lack of vigour and integrity may be present.

Bliss, happiness.

Cups : The Cups symbol, a water sign, is connected with emotion and feelings, can also represent love and joy. Family, friends, and lovers can be represented in the suit. More often than not these cards symbolize positive attributes. In the negative, jealousy, hate and not being able to be in the emotional plane, are common aspects.


Swords : The Swords, an air sign, represents thought, struggle, and anger. They can also represent conflict, trials and tribulations and losses. The Swords tend to be a negative card mainly. The positive side of this is that in order to fix the problem you need to know what it is or what is stopping you from moving forward.


Pentacles : The Pentacles is an Earth energy, primarily concerned with money, resources, work, or financial interests. Inheritance, unexpected windfalls and  legal matters concerning money can also be represented. On the opposite side, negative things such as lack of employment, misuse of money and resources, or greed could be shown.


When comparing a Rider Waite pack to a deck of playing cards, Wands is the Club’s, Cups are the Hearts, Swords are the Spades, and lastly the Pentacles are represented by the Diamonds. So you can see by comparing the different decks, what the energies will be in the ordinary 52 card pack.


As already stated, each suit in the tarot, starts with an ace and finishes with a king. In this part we will only deal with the cards from ace to ten. This is where a little knowledge of numerology will help you. Basic numerology runs in cycles from 1 to 9, where one is the start and nine is the ending. The tarot is very similar but it goes one more to ten, ten being representative of the end of a cycle or the abundance of the energy and power of the suit. Listed below are some of the links between numerology and the Tarot.


Ace   (1) – Beginnings, start a new adventure or skill.

Two   (2) – Partnership or possibly working with another person to obtain goal.         Decision and duality.

Three (3) – A time to create, can also include pregnancy. A time for growth.

Four  (4)  – A time for consolidation, foundation and building.

Five   (5) – This number is all about change, readjusting our direction for a way forward.

Six     (6) – This number is all about harmony and alignment..

Seven (7) – A time for reassessment and realigning of your direction. Spiritual matters.

Eight  (8) – This number is all about strength and power and can represent material matters, both good and bad.

Nine   (9) – This number as stated before is all on endings or getting close to ending to start a cycle again.

Ten   (10) – And finally ten is about completion and rebirth.


If you use these numbers with the energy of the suits, it will give you an idea of the meaning of a particular card. For example the ace of Cups is all about new love or an emotional start. This is just a small example how you can work out the meaning of the cards with some basic knowledge.

New or Deeper Love


The last things I would like to speak about is the colouring of the cards. Each colour in the card represents an energy that can help identify the meaning. For example, a card that is primarily black represents negative energy or negative thought patterns. Below is a quick index of the colours with their meanings.

We’ve all been like this some times 🙂


Red      : Physical and practical approaches to life.

Orange : Passion and energy and enthusiasm.

Yellow : Mental logic and thought analysis.

Green   : Balance and harmony.

Blue     : Spiritual understanding combined with thought.

Purple  : Compassion and spiritual enlightenment.

White   : Purity or uncontaminated emotion or motive.

Black   : Negative energy or negative thought patterns.

Grey    : Changes.


So you see if you combine just these two aspects, the colour and the numerology of the cards, it will go a long way towards understanding the primary meaning of a card. For more information on any of the Tarot, my Ebook -Learning the Tarot is available at


In the next part I will talk about the Court cards, so until then, get out the cards and see how the colours and numbers tell a story.

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