To Tarot or Not to Tarot (Part 3)

3 Card Spread

Tarot or Not to Tarot (Part 3)

In this part we will explore the Court Cards in the Tarot.

Remember the 4 suites in the pack, Wands,Cups,Swords and Pentacles. They all represent different types of energy or meanings.


Cups-Emotion, Feelings.

Swords-Own Thoughts Struggle or Anger.

Pentacles-Money,Career or Financial Resources.

Taking on from there, the Court Cards are usually representative(but not always) of people we know in our life. For example the King of Cups could be your father who you love or your husband, depending how your cards relate to you.

King Cups
Older Man or spouse of good heart

King- A Older Man or equal (Husband)

Queen- A Older Lady or equal (Wife)

Knight- A Adolescent or young man.

Page- A child of either sex.

To confuse you a bit more, older tarot readers will relate hair colour, complexion etc to the different suites.Example

Wands-Fair/red haired,fair skin and blue eyes

Cups-Light to medium brown,medium complexion and hazel eyes.

Swords-Dark Brown or black hair,dark eyes

Pentacles-White hair fair skinned, any colour

Personally I find this system of little use and outdated for my readings, but others will disagree. I prefer to use the 4 suites to read the energy of the person. Which I believe is a lot more accurate and relevant in the readings. Now I will relay a short meaning of each of the 16 Court Cards.

King of Wands- A older man, honest, energetic and generous in business or at home.A good leader and achiever.

Queen of Wands- Woman with a interesting personality that draws people towards her. Generally mature and practical. Creative,self assured and sexual. A lady with sound advice.

Knight of Wands- Daring young man,passionate and impetuous. Can be adventurous, strong willed and run around and waste energy, through not thinking out the problem or idea first.

Page of Wands- Young child either male or female,explorer,traveller. Can have a skill or talent that needs developing. A risk taker that loves being creative with new ideas.

King of Cups- Mature man who is a wise counsel on all walks of life.Quite man that keeps his emotions under control. Sensible, Emotionally secure and Charismatic. Keeps his head in most situations. Tends to be shy and gentle and understanding.

Queen of Cups- Maternal, empathetic and spiritual. Sensible mature lady who usually has strong intuitive powers and deeper understanding of life. Motherly ,compassionate usually in balance and harmony. calm in most situations.

Knight of Cups- A lover, rescuer and dreamer. Can be an artist with a creative flair. Rescuer of other people with perceived difficulties. Reacts more from emotion than thought and logic. They can lack self confidence in unusual or different situations.

Page of Cups- Gentle, sensitive child.Can represent young love. A young person that may feel emotional pain or joy stronger than most.

King of Swords- Loyal, authorative and commanding. Usually direct and to the point. Can be a person that angers quick and holds grudges. Demands respect and/or don’t get in his road.

Queen of Swords- Intellectual and sharp tongued.Can have a quick wit and can hold hurts or losses from the past.Can be a good friend but god help you if you get on her wrong side.

Knight of Swords- Confident, ruthless, impatient and dominant. Can have good ideas but is too pushy and cocky and will do what it takes to get his own way. Doesn’t believe in discussing any problems or ideas in a group, but usually will take action on his own,because he knows better than anyone.

Page of Swords- A young boy or girl that could be causing concern? They can appear defensive and loose with the truth. They may have had a abusive or difficult childhood. Often can be disruptive at school or in group settings. Kids with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)  It is characterized primarily by the twin problems of attentional  and hyperactivity, with each behavior occurring infrequently alone and symptoms starting before seven years of age.

King of Pentacles- Well grounded business man. Can be financially secure with own business or rising to the top in someone’s else’s. Can be generous and industrious. May be a property owner or investor. Money and career tend to come first. Can be good advisor’s, especially in money matters.

Queen of Pentacles- A Charitable and creative lady, very resourceful and can be a great business woman and firm if required. She tends to be the budgeter or accountant of the house and usually a lover of children and animals.

Knight of Pentacles- Practical,loyal and trustworthy. Can be ambitious, hard working and does his job well. Determined to get ahead in his career and can be narrow minded and focused on his goal. A lover of animals and nature.

Page of Pentacles- The study card, a young person who is ambitious and studies hard. Usually focused on obtaining a career or goal. Continually looking for opportunities and growth.

The Study Card
Study Card

While these are but a short summary of the keywords for the court cards, they should give you a general idea of the feel of the cards. Also remember there is positive and negative in all the people and the cards will pick up both.The best advice I can give to help you remember the court cards is to picture in your mind, people you have known and associate them with a particular card. For example my Uncle is a a kind and caring person who has everyone else’s interest in mind- I would see him as the King Of Cups, but if he was a mean, abusive, unfriendly person I would more likely see him as a King Of Swords.

So get out the court cards and start associating them with people you know, and in no time at all you will know them well. For more information on  the Tarot, my Ebook -Learning the Tarot is available at

Next time we will delve in the big boys “The major Arcana.”

So till then have a great week and keep practising with the cards ,Bye for now.

Steve the Spiritboy.


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