Numerology- The Start (Life Path Number)


Numerology / Numbers of your Life Path.

For those that don’t know anything about numerology, a quick introduction will be required. Numerology has been around thousands of years and runs on a cycle of 1 to 9. It a subject that I find  ties in well with the readings and with the addition of the person general star sign adds another layer to that persons character traits and reactions in life.


Now for the numbers or numerology. Life Path Numbers are a sum of our birth date and we tend to have traits that we are born with and carry through life that correspond to our number.With Life path numbers they range from 1 through to 9. Masters numbers are double digits such as 11/2, 22/3, 33/6, 44/8, 55/1 etc. Master numbers are usually hard to work with and usually come with big respondabilitys. Master Numbers is the soul working harder with greater difficulty and sometimes in a bigger sense for humanity.

Each life path number is given a few general personality traits. Take a look at them:

Remember their are good and bad traits: hopefully we have more good than bad.

1 – Creative, independent, egoistic and self-centred.
2 – Considerate, cooperative and very sensitive.
3 – Friendly, superficial, artistic and sociable.
4 – Practical, loyal and rigid.
5 – Enjoys freedom, travel and is highly adaptable, loves change.
6 – Responsible, understanding, jealous, enjoys harmony
7 – Spiritual, wise and suppressive. looks at the bigger picture.
8 – Management ability and unscrupulous, all about money.Or None where it slips through their fingers.
9 – Romantic, genius, humanitarian, endings.

How do you find you Life Path Number, that is easy. Add up your date of birth for example.Sue  was born on the 7.1.1966 by adding 7+1+1+9+6+6 you get 30  which you add together to reduce it to a single digit,except the master numbers 11,22,33 etc. So 30 is 3+0 =3. So Sue life Path is a 3.

Tom Date of birth is 7.8.1985. So to work out his Life path we add all the digits together again.

7+8+1+9+8+5 =38, 38 reduced is 3+8=11. So Tom is a master no.11/2.


Interesting on the Sexpo weekend I read for 2 -11/2, 2 – 44/8, and one 55/1 Master numbers. The last two are extremely rare, as are most master numbers.

I welcome any feed back on this post, next time I will explore the Year vibrations in numerology.


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