Seven Chakras

Yoga and other Traditions teach we have two bodies, one physical and tangible and another unseen energy or energetic body. Along both we have seven main Chakra’s (meaning spinning wheels in Indian Sanskrit). There are of course many minor ones especially in the hands and feet. Reiki exponents often use their hands to move energy through their clients bodies.

Most New Age followers agree on the seven main chakras in the body. Picture them as turning twisting cones of energy with the index or point of the cone both at front and back on the body extending outwards from both sides. Now to go through the main Chakras one at a time.

1. The first or bottom main Chakra is coloured Red and its location is at the bottom of the tailbone. Its is the Base Chakra and its primary function is Life,survival and general health. When we running around in the caveman days, this is the one that would keep us alive from the dangers.

2. The second is the Solar Plexus and is Orange in colour. Its position is a inch or so below the belly button. It role in life is about Self-confidence,Emotional Balance,Trust and Enthusiasm. Intuition comes with it as the old saying about knowing something is right because of your gut feeling.

3. The Yellow Speen Chakra is next up the body about a inch above the belly button. Some of its functions are to do with Personal Power and Stability.

4. The Loving Heart Chakra is next. It brings Love, Balance and Hope to our lives. Mainly seen as Green, but some see the colour Pink associated with it as well.

5. The Throat Chakra is next and the associated colur is Blue. The keywords here are Communication, Inspiration and Truth.

6. The Third Eye Chakras is located just above and between the eyebrows.  Its job is Enhanced Perception ,Feeling the Unseen and Awareness and its colour is Purple or Indigo.

7. The last Main one is the Crown Chakra. Seen as White or Golden pure light and entering through the top of the Head. It is our connection the the Universe for our Energy and Knowledge from Spirit.

Most people have these Charkas running out of balance or just going through the motions most of their lives. For those with the knowledge and willpower an out of balance spinning Chakra can be corrected and realigned to bring our lives back into Harmony and Balance. Think of a car speeding down the hi-way with one wheel out of balance, not a safe thought. Now picture four wheels out of balance fighting each other down the hi-way of life. Not a nice picture is it, yet this is how most run through life.

In Spiritual Healing and other Healing Modalities, Chakras are brought back into balance. With practice and intent you can learn to realign yourself when needed. Reasons for unbalance in the chakra can be as simple as not being able to express yourself when the boss yells at you for something you havent done. You want to tell him he’s a idiot and its not your fault but your afraid to lose your job. By this simple incident a number of your Chakras can become unbalance, primarily the Throat, Base and Solar Plexus. The throat because you cant express yourself,the base because of fear of losing your job and with the solar Plexus your self confidence and ego suffers. Another example is a person rejected by a long time lover for someone else. Here again a number of chakras will be out of balance and not working clean and well, primarily the Heart.

Realigning the Chakras
Spirtual Healing of the Chakras

So you can see the unseen will and can affect all of us all in many different ways. For those wanting to learn more connect me through the website or call as I run regular Psychic Development Workshops to help us learn more to enrich our lives.

Steve Spiritboy.

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