South American Shaman Medicine.

A shaman has been called a medicine man or woman and uses an ancient knowledge and skill to provide physical and spiritual care to his village. Shaman are usually trained from a early age with special bush medicines to connect with nature and mother earth in a unique way.

They work with energy and visions through drinking various natural medicines “such as Ayahuasca vine mixed with other leaves and heat cooked to make a hallucination soup”. It is said that drinking Ayahuasca connects you to mother earth and the universe as well as bringing out all our buried emotions and thoughts from which we do so much self harm. Such vine medicine can said to be a cleansing or purifying medium which in turn releases our demons and then our psychical aliments. The taking of the medicine is only part of the journey, usually the shaman sings and waves feathers or rattles to help with the healing. After this, the journey usually becomes solo with self reflection and self exploring. Purging from both ends is common and it is as if the illness and black dark energy that we been with holding for years comes spewing forth. Many people report after the event that a lot of their fears and anxiety’s have gone and they feel at peace with the world. It is about accepting the medicine and not fighting it.

Cooking the Medicine.Cooking the Ayahuasca.


Shaman’s usually perform the rituals at night in darkness with drumming, singing, fasting and dancing all involved. Darkness by itself will bring on fears to many people. Shaman’s have the ability to sense the source of any discomfort or illness and allow it to move with the medicines help and start the healing. The shaman’s are the protectors of the village as well as the country and lands of their fore fathers.

The Night Time Ritual of Drinking Ayahuasca.


For those that would like to investigate this vast interesting subject further, a video can be watched at

Often many westerners claim to being shaman with all the knowledge and ability that comes with it. It is commonly thought to be offensive to the native shaman who have trained and practiced since an early age to be selected and trained in this valuable spiritual and psychical part of village life.

The Ayahuasca vine.

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