Lake Barrine, Atherton Tablelands

Lake Barrine KioskSeveral weeks ago I has the pleasure of walking around this beautiful Lake. Formed from underground volcanic vents that run throughout the country, this sight is well and truly worth seeing. Sitting amongst the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland lies this luscious piece of volcanic land and water. The lake has so much going for it from the tourist point of view. From beautiful walks, picnic grounds, to a kiosk and restaurant as well as  regular boat cruises around the edges of the lake. People from 0 To 99 come and go from here daily.Though it is a few miles from anywhere, it is well worth the drive from either Cairns or Atherton..

Beautiful Ground for picnic and viewing.

The walk around the lake is well maintained and wanders around the edges. The entrance to the track starts from either side of the kiosk and travels 5 km around the lake. The walk should take around 90 minutes, depending on your stops and starts. Numerous wildlife  including birds and fauna can be experienced on this walk. So whether you run walk or meander around the foreshores, step back in time, it is well worth the visit.

The Picnic Resting Kiosk Nature recovering on Track. View from the Track. View of Lake from the Track. Spiritboy at peace with Nature. lake Barrine Walking Track. lake Barrine Walking Track.1

Spiritboys Rating 8/10

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