Black Magic/ Voodoo – Real Or Not?

A scary topic for some. What are your beliefs? Real or just some imagined karma. The name conjures up native or cultural beliefs. After all, I believe some of our Australian Aborigines Spirit-men used to point a bone to cause harm if needed. It is a topic full of mistaken images and misunderstandings, straight from Hollywood no doubt.

The reason for this blog is twofold, one to invite you to interact with the post and lastly to see how everyone thinks and feels about this subject. A lovely healing lady ‘ lets call her Margaret’ brought this to my attention when I spoke to her the other day. She had a client who has been afflicted by illness and bad luck for quite some time.Her energy was low and felt heavy and she had a big knot in her stomach area. My healing lady Margaret  was told years ago when the client was overseas she had a curse put on her using her own hair and personal items. Ever since then things started to change for the worse, mostly with headaches,neck and shoulder pain becoming a common occurance.

For those that are knowledgeable about spirit energy and psychic attack, often it comes in through our neck or shoulder areas with headaches as symptoms when someone send bad vibes to you. This is why readers and healers should always practice psychic protection all the time.

Well Margaret in her healing modality push and pushed the bad knot and energy and moved it out of the clients body. The happy client immediately felt lighter and headache went and said she hasn’t felt better for ages. Real or Imagined what do you think?


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