Black Mountain Energy !

Hi everyone, Had a trip to Cooktown the other day. It has been quite a few years since I have had the pleasure. The visit to the old lions den hotel was always a sight for sore eyes. Wow what changes there has been to the quaint old wooden pub. A backward tourist park off the main road. The lovely old mango and rainforest trees ring the verandah, making for a shady friendly greeting from Mother Nature.

The peace de resist dons was Black Mountain and all those millions of black eroded boulders. The hollow sound when you tap them. How the energy of the place is so strong. The odd tree that wrestles to stay alive through the mass of black rocks, look so strange amongst the formations.I can only wonder how the local native people felt about this wonder of the world.

The energy of the earth is so strong here, so next time you go past, please stop and beathe in the fresh air and spend a moment to admire the view.

The massive Black Boulders erode from the Earth

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