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Spiritboy Newsletter No.3 

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my new newsletter, if you would like to subscribe please hit the link below or above.          The year is flying past us and with that in mind a lot of people have been feeling a little bit uneasy with life. If you feel the need for a reading, spiritual counselling or a crystal  healing please call me on 0418773614 .  I also do phone and skype readings and run workshops. Please pass this newsletter onto a friend or family if you feel they might benefit.

Every newsletter I will introduce another Healer or Reader to help people connect with each other.

Firstly I would like to introduce Malcolm Bell. Malcolm regularly takes bookings for past life readings at Atherton and Cairns Spiritual Centre. For those that who haven’t meet Malcolm in person it would be well worth your while to book a reading from him in the near future. Malcolm is a channeller, healer and all round good guy. He lives in Atherton and has been a local for many years on the tablelands. His connection to your guides and past lives will enable you to understand where you are in this lifetime. Often we can get stuck on the same issues time and time again and by visiting Malcolm he will shed a light on any cycles you may need to look at. I highly recommend Malcolm and his past life channelling, so book in now with him on 0427636842. You also receive a recorded CD of the reading if you require – all this at a very reasonable cost. Malcolm channeled messages are available through I have 5 workshops planned and please contact me if you are interested in any particular subject. My Cairns courses are run every 2nd Saturday and more information is available from my website on




Crystal Power 2016.4

20160416_113727 (2) 20160416_100633 (2) 20160416_112704 (2) 20160416_112449 (2) 20160416_103944 (2) 20160416_103930 (2) 20160416_112714 (2) 20160416_112751 (2) 20160416_112811 (2) 20160416_113602 (2) 20160416_113449 (2) 20160416_113440 (2) 20160416_113716 (2) 20160416_124938 (2) 20160416_125033 (2) 20160416_125234 (2) 20160416_131539 (3)Wow what a workshop. Crystal power was in abundance as was excitement playing with them. The personal Power grids were something to behold, especially Luke’s monster. A great day of entertainment and healing. Thanks to all that came. Below are some of the photos of the day.

New Weekend Crystal and Healing Workshop for Cairns.

I have just announced I will be running a 1 day Crystal Healing course on Saturday 16th April . The course will entail starting from the basics and learning the properties of Crystals and how to use them in healing.

Cost and Investment $150 for the  day including a page manual (Concessions Available)   Call 0418773614 or book through here.

Book Now for Cairns Crystal Workshop


Crystal grids

Crystal grids

I will be running a one day Cairns Crystal and Healing Workshop on Saturday the 16th of April, 2016. Please be quick to book and confirm your place as these workshops are quite popular and fill up fast. The day will entail learning about the different qualities of crystals and minerals and finding out how to incorporate them into healing yourself and others. The emphasis is on having fun and learning. We will explore Chakras and Auric fields and how we can best work with them using different crystals. Learning how to set up crystal grids and formations to heal will also be shown. By the end of the day we will healing each other with crystals, wands and energy healing. No experience is necessary and the course will cover from novice to practitioner and I encourage you to come along to have fun and learn. All workshop materials provided and you will even get to program your very own quartz crystal and take it home. Bring some extra money as crystal, minerals and all types of wands etc will be available for sale. We will learn how to treat others on healing tables, the different types of crystals/wands as well as learning to use crystal grids. So come along and meet like minded people. A comprehensive 50 page work manual is provided with the course.

Book Now for Cairns Crystal Workshop 16th April 2016

Psychic Development Course Ready to Go.

Just finished the 44 pages Manual to go with the Beginners Psychic Development course this Saturday in Cairns. So much information from Flower Reading, Psychometry, Kinder Surprise Readings, Meditation, the 5 Clairs, Auras and chakras, Tea and Coffee Readings and much more. Book now and call me on 0418773614. Only $150

Selenite the Moon Goddess.

57 20130522_093433 20160103_082325 (2) 20160103_082337 (2) 20160103_082513 (2)Today I am to looking at the quality’s of Selenite the clearing stone. The name of selenite comes from the Greek Moon Goddess Selene, and means Moonlight glow.The chemical term is CaSo-4-2 (H2O) which in layman’s terms is Hydrated Calcium Sulfate. The pure crystal is the high frequency connection between our physical bodies and our higher self. It brings clarity of mind and helps clears our mind of clatter if we are open to removing it. A crystal for the new earth vibrations coming in as well as a stabilizer of for excess emotions. When in a wand form, Selenite is used for healing especially when in a protective role for removing others negative thoughts and energy infiltrating into your personal aura. It resonates at a high frequency of deep wisdom and ancient knowledge. It is another one of my favorites. For more information on my next Crystal Healing workshop go to Do you have any?

Getting Excited!

Yep only 2 and a half weeks before the opening course of the year. And what a beauty- Psychic Development. I have been busy over the xmas break putting together a magnificent day of fun and laughter. We will learn basic meditation, tea and coffee readings, psychometry, flower readings, oracle cards and much more. Come along for the ride and book now on 0418773614 or view more information