New Book /Numerology and Property Cycle.

Saving you Thousands $

Hello everyone,

There is a great new book out that just been released and going great guns. It was written by our local authors Alain Baillon and Ayden Ziino. The official book launch was a couple of weeks ago and attended by a large crowd of eager people waiting to get their hands on the book.

For those about to invest or even thinking about investing, this is the must have read. Both Alain and Ayden have invested a significant amount of time and money in reseaching the Property and Real Estate cycles of ups and down, booms and busts. Talk about saving you money and heart ache. I wish I had known about this book before i brought in a down market, and I would have saved Thousands of $……

Please support our local authors and do a favor for yourself at the same time. A must have for Investors, Real Estate Agents and Mum and Dad investors.

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