Clouds as a Source of Inspiration & Help.

Heart Shaped Cloud. You are loved by many !

You are loved by many !

Being in a beautiful Country such as Norway has given me a chance to step back and appreciate the wonder and beauty around me. Back home in Cairns life gets so busy with the hassle and bustle of life that sometimes we miss the signs that are right in front of us.

Love is all around us.

Love is all around us.

Being in such a pretty place as we are now, taking photos almost has become an obsession with Eva and myself. I found myself in a position the other day of trying to take some photos of the sunset to post for Facebook and all of a sudden realised how beautiful and defining they can be for asking personal questions from spirit. Even getting lovely positive messages when you are feeling a bit down can be of such help for us. Next time you are outside have a look up and look for a shape or a sign from the cloud formations. You will be amazed and if nothing else laying back and admiring the beauty is a form of meditation unto itself.

A sign from above. An Angel shinning down.

A sign from above

I leave you now with one of the cloud formation I took of a parachute in the top centre that looks like a crescent moon. Can any one interpret the meaning for me…..

Parachute in Centre on top?

Parachute in Centre on top?

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