Back To Cooktown Weekend Almost! (Captain Cook)

Hi again everyone, Deb,Kel (debs daughter) and myself had a quick day trip to Cooktown yesterday. It all started at 5.00am when I tried to get the girls out of their warms beds on a cold morning for Cairns. Almost Mission Impossible but I got there. What a beautiful morning running up along the Ellis beach to Port Douglas section with the sun coming up over the Pacific Ocean. Makes us feel so small when the ocean goes as far as the eye can see.

Pacific Ocean

The Pacific from Grassy Hill.

The drive was magnificent, and for those that haven’t driven it ,I highly recommend it. After going up the Rex Range and passing through Julatten, Mount Carbine,and Lakeland we arrived at Cooktown about 330 kms later. The locals were preparing for the back to Cooktown weekend where they celebrated Captain Cooks discovery of the town when he was shipwrecked there in 1770 for several months.  By the way that is how the feral pigs also started in Australia when some of their stock escaped. The wooden replica ship Endeavour was tied up at the dock ready to help with the event over the 3 days.This event wakes up the normally sleepy little town and it starts to feel like one its bigger brother towns. Going to the top of Grassy Hill lookout is a must to any visitor to Cooktown. Around 1873 when the Palmer River Gold fields where in full swing the port was one of the busy in the colony when thousands of Europeans and Chinese off loaded to walk 100s of K ms to the riches. For a lot it was Death and starvation and a lonely dusty grave. Now a days the 3 or 4 Pubs that serviced the thirsty locals and the few tourists offer comfort and safety for their patrons.

Have a great Weekend everybody


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