Crystal Skull Mediation and Talk with the lovely Lia Scallon.

The skull

With the camera flash on the results shows up as a lightning flash on top.

Wow what a full on weekend, first the Mandala Day on Saturday, and today, Sunday, we attended the Chrysalis Centre in Cairns to see the powerful far reaching Crystal Skulls Mediation. I hadn’t been to Chrysalis Centre for many a year, a situation I know will now change. For those that dont know the centre on Mulgrave road, it has been used for many years for the use of spiritual pursuits and endeavours. The energy in the hall is fresh, clean and crisp with the chattering birds outside voicing their approval as well.

The Event

Never seeing a Quartz Crystal Skull live before, it was truly a sight to behold. Not to mention the other various Skulls in many different sizes and colours in the grid. The power of the altar was indeed overwhelming. Each Skull is carved from a solid piece of Quartz or similar material. A piece of amazing carving work in itself.

Each asked to bring a flower,to place around the silk altar, it  was beautiful and inspiring altar. The Crystal Skulls were laid on a bright silk cloth in a grid or pattern, surrounded by our flower gifts and with our own personal crystals to be charged. A large crowd of well over 40 had come to attend this unusual occasion. Us men were outnumbered 4 to 1 with the girls, but we did not mind with the abundance of female energy in the room.

I have never heard Lia sing before, but as she has many albums out, she really has alovely voice. Her  latest CD being Crystal Keys. Lia classes herself as a singer and sound healer and she has traveled all around the world performing her gift. The day was advertised as the Ring of Fire Day May 20th 2012.

We started with a talk from Lia and after that we started a chant and singing to bring on optium conditions for her sound channeling.

Front Skull aligned on the Crystal Cloth

Smaller crystals pointing the way to the Crystal skull

Channelling of the Messages.

After the group was smudged, sprayed with essential oils and anointed. We mediated from which Lia starting channelling messages through singing and chanting. Its hard to explain this process as most of it occurs on a subconscious level. With a crystal in each hand, she worked her way round the crowd one at a time and from mostly standing behind sang to their soul. I think Lia may explain it as downloading of the codes of Ascension. I felt that when she was behind me a sudden explosion of white light ignited about my crown charkra. Others had different experiences, each on a personal level. Personally the low chant that only you could hear was a personal message to my soul. The language of the ancients that only deep down we will remember.

Crystals in order on the silk Cloth

The power of the crystals is magnified.

Though the chanting and talk were pronounced for me, the channelling was over far too soon. Soon after the mediation closed down and we were free to go about our regular lives after havibg a chance of inspecting the skulls close up.

Charging of our Own Personal Crystal from the Skulls.

One of those overwhelming reasons as a healer or anyone that works with crystals to go to today mediation, was a chance for our personal crystals to lay and get charged from the Quartz Skulls. Crystals absorb energy both good and bad. With the skulls coming from all over the world and being in some truly magnificent places of worship, and at major times and events, the chance to lay with these was something you can not pass up. Alain Donna myself Di and many others took this opportunity to charge our crystals from the vortex of Skull’s Energy.

A Crystal Vajra (Thunder Bolt) next to my Wand.

A Crystal Vajra (Thunder Bolt) next to my Wand.

My thoughts on the day:

Well worth seeing and feeling and exploring the power of both the skulls and Lia’s magnificent voice. I know many things happened on a deep level, that I wont feel or remember most is for sure. But on another level the experience gained far outweighed my confinement for a few hours 🙂

I have a problem sitting still for a while.

So thanks Lia and all those who helped in this once in a lifetime event.

For those interested in learning more about the day please contact Lia through her website at

Some More Photos of the day.


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