Crystal Wand Making Day at Gabriella’s.

Just got back from Caravonia and the lovely Gabriella’s place. A fun day with a group of us making our own individual works of art. The group from all walks of life came together to have a day of creativity and to release those juices and pent up frustrations. The Guru and his lovely Girl from Edgehill opened the day with a lovely prayer and thanks to the nature spirits for their gifts and with a table full of craft, crystals, feather, leather and Copper and then we all took off.

Ready to Start.

Hope I can remember how to make them?

Its was amazing how noiseless a group of people can be when they are concentrating on their own efforts. Mike,Gary and Mayom were the first out of the blocks. Mike drilling and hammering for the lady’s.Gary with his close on intimate handling of his piece and Mayom checking out the opposition to get ideas. Donna, Rhonda, Gabrielle and Di were smart and paced themselves for the long afternoon. The lovely Lena and Deb cruised along placing the crystals in their sticks and enjoying the chatter.

Hard at Work.

Deep Concentration to put the Raw Materials Together.

The Guru was having trouble with his tip, his pointee new crystal would not stay in the wand. (hope that is not a common problem for him?)  He tried wire,leather, bees wax, stick glue and even sweat, but still it came loose. Mike and me suggested silicone and we were met with a indignant grunt and rude comments. There is no helping some people!

Why wont my end stay on?

I know Boats, I dont need superglue!

It quite interesting building wands from scratch, the way the group went about it differently. The hardest part that we all found was attaching the crystals to the wood. Most, if not all used beeswax. The trouble was until it was secured by either wire or leather the crystal moved and popped off. Especially for Alain, the energy in the stone was too much for him to handle.

Im missing something.

Where's the Welder?

The hours rolled effortlessly on, with a few cuppas and snacks in between, we all made good progress, some more than others.After the stones /Crystals were in place the copper wire and leather started to be bound in and around the wand.The energy was everywhere with all the conductive wire in the group. And with around 30 metre of copper wire used its wasn’t surprising.

Mayom with the copper wire.

Wrapping the copper wire with Mayom.

When the wire and leather was bound, next came the decorations, frills and knickknack’s. Everyone’s taste was different. Some had coloured cloth others Pattern Copper Swirls but most had feathers to keep in with the nature theme.

Deep in concentration

Mayom and the Author (the best side of the table)

Around 5.30 we started to wind down, the light was fading and mums and workers had to get going. So we placed all the wands down for everyone to see and had a closing prayer and a quick talk about the reason why we all made them. After thanks and photos most of us parted for the day. A fantastic day was had by all and next workshop will be on making Dream Catchers. So all are welcome for a small fee and watch the fun unwind. Special Thanks to Gabriella for making us so welcome…..

PS: We hear through the grapevine that Donna had to follow behind Alain for he kept losing his pointee crystal off his wood. Must be some special energy in that there crystal Partner…………….


Some photos of the day.

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