Female Intuition and Emotions.

Guys whether you want to believe it or not, or have been caught out with it, rest assured it is real.

Females often seem more in touch with real world emotions as well their own and others. TV movies and books often look for the female audience ratings in emotional scenes and dialogue. It can also be true that if their emotions overrule them, often life and events around them are often harder for them to comprehend than for us mere males. It all a matter of balance, some can do it easier than others. How is it that girls are generally more in touch with their emotions than their male counterparts? Is their maternal sensitivity’s at work even if they have never given birth to a child! It is a question that has been often pondered about.

Even in travelling  the spiritual  journey and pursuit, women are usually at the forefront in learning and teaching. The real ratio in most of my workshops and psychic developments classes are usually about 1 male for every 7 or 8 females. Maybe just maybe, they better understand the real meaning of our journey here on earth.

Often in relationships, female emotions are a mute point with most male partners. Whether they want to understand or even care about the girls emotions, it is often a sticking point that is hard to comprehend for most of us guys. Give a guy a beer,some mates, a footy match and a pizza and he is in heaven. Give a girl some ladies to relate too, a romantic sad movie, some chocolates and a box of tissues and she will cry and talk all day.Yes I know these are generalizations, but in the main they are true. Maybe  both sexes use their emotions differently. Is that’s why the opposite sex is so good for us, in the matter of learning? I have learnt so much more on the female mind and emotions since I have been reading the Tarot. Here is another interesting point about the whole emotional journey and the differences between us. Ninety five percent of my readings are females, with a tinkering of aware males. Most guys will say they are more gullible and want to waste their money with a psychic but a lot of the girls know the real truth, and yes I believe that most of the girls are more in touch with their own destiny and reality.

Intuition has been used by females to catch out their partner on lies and deceptions for eons, and it happened long before Noah got on the ark. Most ladies have a knack of catching us males out when our intention is to pull the wool over their eyes. I believe emotions and Intuition go together and in the right mix, can only enrich all our life for the better.

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