Thanks to all for the Free Healing.

Well our Reiki group had an another giving night last night. Our usual monthly event lived up to it’s high expectations. A great group of fellow healers joined together to help each other. The best thing about the Reiki night is the way everyone comes together for the greater good of the group. Pure healing at its best. We missed our Gabriella, who is away in Switzerland as I write, but we still had a comfortable group of 12, which worked in well with our tables.

On a sad note one of Cairns healers Gisele who helped start these free Reiki Nights over 20 years ago passed away suddenly two weeks ago. Our thoughts go out to family and friends of Gisele as well to Alain’s family who lost his nephew Josh in a unfortunate road accident a week ago near Alice Springs. It does seem a year of sad passing’s for many and our hope is for a brighter year in 2013.

One of Gisele favorite charity’s was a orphanage in Burma, which she and others have helped for many years. The orphanage struggles to make ends meet and in memory of Gisele a collection of a gold coins donation will be gathered every social night to further this great cause. Further details to follow.

Blessings to all

See you all soon Steve

For further information on our free Reiki nights please contact myself

Steve (Spiritboy) on 0418773614 or through my website.


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