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The eyes talk to Susan

I would just like to introduce you to the wonderful Susan. Sue can help you in many different ways. These days with the stress and demands of life, health is an area in our lives that is often overlooked or downsized. Isn’t it nice to know when we are feeling lifeless or unwell, there is a friend and a place to go.

Susan operates from the Cairns Night markets that run between the Esplanade and Abbot St, 6 days a week from 5.00 to 8.00 Pm, except Sundays. Susan and Mayom (Traditional Thai Massage) are next to each other at the markets to offer a complete health package.

Come into Susan’s extensive informative shop and find out more about yourself and your health. Susan can help with Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal medicine, Homeopathy and weight-loss. Don’t put off your health, drop in and pay her a visit. Susan can be contacted on Mobile 0417240342


Bio, about Susan Ascott-Evans

Susan is a fully qualified Naturopath, with 4 Advanced Diplomas  (Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Homoeopathy) She works from the Night Markets  evenings from5-8pm . Closed Sundays.

She specialises in Iridology, a diagnostic tool to identify underlying  sources of disease. Susan takes a photo of your eye, and explains  how you can improve your health. Naturopaths believe that, given the right nutrition the body is designed to heal itself. She identifies mineral deficiencies, problems caused by stress, parasites, general toxicity, problems caused by medications such as statin drugs, etc.

Clients are put  on the right diet for their Blood Type, and  Susan can test people to identify their Blood Group.

She also tests for zinc by putting a few drops on your tongue. Zinc is the most important mineral for humans, yet 80% of us are deficient. Without zinc our immune system cannot make antibodies to fight infections.

If you need to lose weight Susan has the fastest, most efficient weight loss program, called HCG. Women lose half a kilo a day, men twice as much. It stays off permanently, and there is no hunger on this diet.

A large range of Himlayan Salt Lamps are available from her shop (AMAZING IRIDOLOGY) at the Night Markets. Salt lamps help people with asthma, snoring problems; they calm and relax the  home environment, remove the bad ions which come off computers, TVs, mobile phones and microwaves, eliminate bacteria and viruses etc. They also look beautiful.

A consultation takes half an hour and private health fund rebates may apply.


Have a great Day 🙂

Steve Spiritboy

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