What a great Psychic Workshop At Edgehill !

Wow, another big day on Sunday. I had a great class of eager learners and as usual we ran over time. I would to especially like to thank Di and Deb. Di helped with class all day and imparted her special knowledge to help us all, thanks Di. Deb was in the background helping and setting up and cleaning, to make the day run smoothly. Special thanks for Liz for putting up with us and joining us.Mayom also made a special effort to help us with her knowledge on moving energy.

To all our Students Clarla,Wendy,Leila,Jenni thank you for attending and putting your beautiful energy into the day.We ran the morning, learning all the skills and started with Mediation, Protection and the Charkas.

Chakra Chart

After learning some personal Psychometry in which the class surpassed expectations we tried a exercise on remote viewing. Fun was had by all. Lunch was a peaceful dinner in the quiet gardens outback at Evioda. After a quick lunch we settled back into the day with learning tea and coffee readings while enjoying a quick brew. We all enjoy reading each others cups.

Back into class after that, we started the tarot section. By the end of the day the students were reading for each other. I saw the students improve in confidence and passion, to a point they were doing great spreads and readings for each other.

For ebooks on Coffee readings and tarot learning check out http://thespiritboy.com/products/ebooks/

Thanks to all the students and helpers on the day, well done.

I will be holding a extension to that Psychic development class next month. Would love to see you all.

Till then,

Cheers Steve

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