Happy New Year Everyone.

Well with all the celebrations that went on everywhere last night, I’m sure most of us haven’t really thought too much about the coming year. What will it hold for most of us, where will we be this time next year? Wow my head spinning like I been drinking cheap champagne. But seriously, 2013 being a 6 year in Numerology, will certainly create a few headaches for some of us. The Vibration or Energy of the year is all about harmony,family and relationships, meaning that if any of these things are a bit out of balance, more will certainly be coming your way in the coming months. Often these upsetting and trying times are there for very important reasons, such as moving us forward in life or fixing our small problems before they become big problems (a stitch in time saves nine). What can we do if our world is spinning out of control? Come and get some spiritual counselling and advice about what important for your soul journey now. Too many people keep putting it off, pretending either it will be all right or wait for it to go away and hope everything will be back in balance. The trouble in ignoring these issues is that this will often make them worse or irreparable for the long run. So if the New Year is unsettling or your not sure of your direction, give me a call, I can help you get back on track.

So everyone from my family and myself, I wish you all a Happy New Year and Blessing for those all around you

Love from Steve P


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