Holiday Travels

Well we all need them even if you think you don’t. But I would like to wish 2 couples bon voyage and great trips. Firstly, the lovely Donna and Alain who are travelling this week to the other side of the world, safe trip and please come back soon, refreshed and more knowledgeable.

Also to the hard working Robyn and Simon, off to a couple of weeks in New Zealand, I wish you safe passage and a warm time. Such a beautiful country full of lovely people.

So to both couples who have worked so hard for this, enjoy and return back soon.

PS: The New Zealand trip I made in Xmas 2010 still holds dear memories for me. I was blessed to be able to travel with a locally born beautiful lady Anne who showed me the loveliest and prettiest parts of the south Island. The New Zealanders are truly living in one of the most striking places in the world. Unfortunately this has been tampered with by Mother Nature and the Christchurch earthquakes and our hearts go out to them. My memories of that trip will always stay in my thoughts. For anyone who hasn’t had a chance to visit NZ, please think about for your next holiday, you wont be sorry.

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