About Me.

I have been called to my passion for healing and helping others. As a master number my pathway to spirit comes through many sources and my readings are done in an empathetic, caring and compassionate way. All readings and healings are fully confidential. Please check out my testimonials for client satisfaction.Trust and intent is very important. I am with you to help, not judge or lecture, you are important to me. I have been around spiritual circles for a long time and have attended many  workshops to further my knowledge to help others.                                                                  2015 2 CSC Cairns Post001

I have been privileged to have been elected President of our Cairns Spiritual Centre for the last 3 years and have conducted many courses over the years through the centre to help people on their spiritual journey. I donate my time and energy just like our valued volunteers there to help others in need. I have journeyed and read for others in far away places such as Norway, Denmark, Italy, England and New Zealand. I feel lucky to have found a service that I absolutely love doing, helping others. My ongoing learning is very important to me to further my studies to past them on to those in need. You can contact me via Phone 0418773614 or Skype (spiritboy34) for a one on one personal reading, or in person if you live around the lovely Cairns, North Queensland area. Whether I read for clients in Australia or overseas, my clients get 120% of my time and energy. Over the last 20 years, I have attended numerous workshops and courses in order to gain knowledge and understanding for my valued clients. And as a workshop facilitator, I enjoy running classes to help my students fully explore their potential. So please stay and have a look around and give me a call. I look forward to seeing you soon.