Human Fear.

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Isn’t it interesting how as humans we receive and are conditioned to our emotions by fear. In most of us one of the biggest fears we will face in own journey are major changes within ones life. Whether that’s coming out of a long term relationship, changing jobs or death, most of us will be affected by movement in one form or another throughout our lives.

Movement and changes are hard for a lot of us, me included. You see, I am just in the process of selling my house of 20 years, a house I brought my children and animals up in. It was hard to let that go, but I know it necessary for my growth and spiritual direction  Fortunately in my case I can see the bigger picture of what’s happening in my life such as where I am getting pushed (guided) and feel and sense the closures around me. In saying that, my human side keeps pushing forward and my mind tries to start the fear games in me. I suppose my whole point in this tirade to express that when changes come in and happen, fighting them is often a futile exercise in ego. It is like swimming against the tide in that we just waste energy instead of going with the flow and allowing change to come in naturally.

So for me my new adventures are just about to start, where they lead me,who I find and where I end up are all part of the exciting new energy coming in. A beautiful way to bring in the new year.A lovely quote was gifted to me this morning by a true and loving friend, her quote in part says” There is a white and a black dragon in all of us, chose which dragon you feed today” A truly potent and loving reminder to the feed the future and excitement not the blackness of fear and negativity.

God bless everyone.

Time to move!

Fears Double Time

Learn to let go of the past otherwise if you hang onto it to tight you will choke your future!

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