Latest Donations for the Orphanage.

Generiousity of our Healing group.

Generiousity of our Healing group.

I am so proud of our small Cairns Healing and Movie Group in the way that it has supported Gisele favorite charity. Since we lost this wonderful person early this year it was decided to help with funds as a gold coin donation on event nights. With the generous support of a small band of beautiful people we have already raised over $180. With Gisele helping to set up and support Reiki all those years ago, it is a fitting tribute to her from our small group. These funds will be banked direct into the orphanage bank account to help feed and support all those staving kids at Christmas. Well done everyone concerned.

For those that want to support or give a small donation, whether by cash or voucher you can give any day of the week at Crystal Ball, 91 Grafton St ,Cairns or donate through  my website.

Donation of $5 to the orphanage.

Donation of $10 to the orphanage.

Donation of $20 to the orphanage.


Charity Helping Poor Staving Children.

Below is some information about where our Cairns Reiki and Movie Group and Spiritboy’s donations go. I feel it is important that everyone knows where their hard earned cash goes. A lot of other charities have big overheads and the money disappears on the way down to the coal face. With the orphanage, all monies go direct into their personal account with no deductions, so 100% of the money can be used to help the children in the area.
$1 to us isn’t even a cup of coffee, but to them it might be the difference to saving a child or not. Please give whatever you can afford. They all thank you. Donations can be given at The Crystal Ball at 91 Grafton St, Cairns or above.
In fond memory of dear Gisele who help set up this worthwhile charity and who we lost this year..RIP 2012.

Help for the poor and Starving Children.

Have a merry Christmas Everyone from Steve the Spiritboy.

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