‘Learning the Tarot’

Quick Guide to Reading the Cards.

By Spiritboy Steve. (www.thespiritboy)
I hope you find this small booklet interesting and it meant as an introductory to my day course held every month or so. During this day workshop you receive a 130 pages personal work manual that you can keep and take home to further your studies. The manual include the most up to date information and breakdown on the tarot to make your learning both simple and informative. I have been teaching tarot for many years and still amazed at the confidence and ability brought out by my students through the course. It helps them on their own personal journey in life and allows them to be popular with their family and friends through readings for others.
For further dates and information call me, Steve on 04187736114 or look on this website under courses.
During the day courses we have so much fun and the groups are keep small to enable one on one teaching to give you both confidence and the knowledge. At the end will be testimonials of my former students.
History. The earliest tarot deck surviving is from the 15th century from Northern Italy. These few remaining hand-painted cards created in approximately 1441 were for the court of Filippo Maria Visconti, Duke of Milan and today are the only remaining evidence of the origins. No one is sure whether the 52 cards we see today came from the tarot or tarot came from them. The one common card, the JOKER in the modern pack seems to relate to the fool in the Tarot. The most common tarot pack in use today is called the Rider-Waite pack. The cards were originally published in 1910 by the publisher William Rider & Son of London. A.E. Waite’s (of Golden Dawn fame) interpretation of the Tarot stands today virtually as the standard by which all Tarot decks are judged. With the aid of artist Pamela Coleman-Smith, Waite incorporated scenes, symbols and imagery into the cards from Greek mythology and other earlier cultures. Many other decks prevail but I only use the Rider/Waite in this course till you learn the basics.
The Pack. The Rider/ Waite tarot pack consists of 78 cards. For learning purposes these are broken into 2 sections. The first section is the Minor Arcana, which are the minor suites- these relate to the cards from ace to king in the four different suites (56 Cards).
The second section is what we call the Major Arcana these number 0 -21 (22 Cards) and they are usually considered to have more importance in the reading than the minor arcana.
Minor Arcana.
Let’s start with the minor arcana. In this first section we will break the cards down into another 2 parts to help with learning. The cards from Ace,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 in the four suites are the minors base cards. The other Page, Knight, Queen and Kings in the 4 suites are called the Court cards.
The Suites. An interesting fact about the minor base cards to remember is the number on the card, has a similar number of symbols in it. For example the 4 swords have 4 swords represented in the picture.
There are 4 suites and their associated properties are listed next.
(a) Wands.
They represent movement or energy and relate to the fire signs.
(b) Pentacles,
They represent money, career, wealth or processions and relate to the earth signs.
(c) Swords,
They are expressions of our thoughts or mental activity and as such relate to the air signs.
(d) Cups,
They represent emotions and feelings and relate to the water signs.
Minors Base Cards. With the base cards it is important that we have a basic understanding of numerology. When we do, we can understand easier how they can fit into the puzzle.
This is explained in detail in the day course manual/
Numerology and the Cards. Numerology has been around since the ancient Greeks and probably much before (2500 yrs. ago). It a belief that every number has a distinct energy or pattern associated with it. And we have numbers around us all through life and these can influence our lives. In the course we will delve a bit more into numerology and relate them to our individual lives, but just for now we will just cover a basic understanding on how the numbers can relate to the minor cards. By relating the keyword of the suite with the number in numerology we get a better understanding of the individual card.
Number 1. Represent new beginnings or start of a cycle.
Number 2. The number of duality.
Number 3. Represents expansion, creation, growth.
Number 4. This is the number of stability or the foundation number.
Number 5. The number of freedom, travel and passion.
Number 6. Harmony, family, commitment and truth.
Number 7. Spiritual or deeper meaning of life or path.
Number 8. Money, career, work or physical.
Number 9. Close to endings or getting near the end of the cycle.
Homework: Pull out any 3 cards from the minor base cards and try to write down the energy of the card and relate it to its position in numerology.
For example the 9 of swords – Mental or thoughts mixed with end of the cycle in a situation.

Below is a table of the minor base cards and keywords that I use. Some of these will differ from other books on tarot. Learn on my keywords and down the track if you like another keyword better than mine, substitute and use yours. The original pack was designed long before the use of modern transport and situations, and I try to personalise and modernise the pack to get as much detail for you as possible.
Court Cards. Up from the number 10 in the individual suites we have court cards, Page, Knight, Queen, King. These are often used to identify people in the reading, but not always. Let’s separate the personalities and suites. In general they represent.
Page : Represents both sexes in a young child from 0-12.
Knight : Both sexes from teenager 12-25.
Queen : Female from 25 up.
King : Male from 25 up.
*Also understand that the court cards do not always represent people, but situations as well. The other keywords are in brackets for the situations.
Page of Wands-Young active child, sporty or busy. (Message)
Page of Pentacles-Young Career, school issues, pocket money
Page of Swords-Young angry or confused child.
Page of Cups-Young love or passion.
Knight of Wands-Teenager to 25 / Active person, sporty or busy.
Knight of Pentacles-Teenager to 25 / Work related.
Knight of Swords-Teenager to 25 – Angry, hormonal or confused.
Knight of Cups-Teenager to 25 – Love struck or love presenting.
Queen of Wands-Lady, mother – Active person, sporty, busy.
Queen of Pentacles-Lady, mother – Good with money/budget.
Queen of Swords-Lady, mother –Angry or negative lady.
Queen of Cups-Lady, mother –Soft nurturing emotional female.
King of Wands-Man, father – Active person, sporty or busy.
King of Pentacles-Man, father – Business man, boss, workaholic.
King of Swords-Man, father – Angry inpatient man.
King of Cups-Man,father – Soft emotional man expressing love.

Major Arcana. The majors run from 0 to 21, all signed in roman numerals. These are the main cards in the deck. When these present in number in a spread, there are usually major changes happening. Throughout these keywords in all levels, I place my general theme on what the card represents to me. As you adapt and grow you may change some of these to your own meanings. That’s fine as we are using our intuition to tune in. Remember whatever works for you.
Below are the list and keywords of the major arcana. During the course further detailed work will be available for these cards.
Intent and Confidence and Health Guidance. Intent is most important and we are here to help others, not hinder them. It is very serious business, counselling and guiding people through the ups and downs of life. I feel it is a position of trust much like a doctor or healer. People do listen and we often feel their pain. Confidentiality and respect are a very important part of our responsibility towards our client. Another important aspect to remember is that as an intuitive being we can sometimes feel a physical or health issue on a person. If you feel that they need a check-up or attention, please refer them to their GP or local doctor or medical personnel. Remember we are not doctors, leave the diagnosing to the experts. If you feel the person is having trouble with depression or other mental condition encourage them to seek help as much as possible. I do suggest to anyone thinking of reading professionally to enroll in a lifeline or counselling course. The benefit is twofold; we help our self and others.
Clearing of the Cards. A most important and often forgotten aspect of the tarot is clearing of the cards from your previous reading. It is my strong belief that the cards pick up the energy of the person your reading for after they shuffle them. Therefore it is very important that the pack is cleansed by clearing after every reading. This is covered in the day course
Respect Your Cards. Treat your cards as you would your jewellery or valued procession. I always place my cards after use in a soft velvet bags for storage or a wooden case. Clearing them with sage smoke regularly will help as well. Some people make a little altar or have a special table for their storage. Some reader’s burn incense or candles as part of their ritual others will say a prayer before starting. Meditation is great before a reading. Whatever works for you is great.

For further dates and information call me, Steve on 04187736114 or look on this website under courses.

Major Arcanda Keywords
0 / 0 Fool
Freedom, risk taking, relax and let go. Take a chance, stepping out.
1 / 1 Magician
Initiating projects, self empowerment, action. Make your own magic, put energy in and manifest.
2 / 11 High Priestess
Deep wisdom, sixth sense, secrets. Highly intuitive person usually female.
3 /111 Empress
Mother, protection, creative, powerful female. Maternal, pregnancy.
4 / 1V Emperor
Ruler of the kingdom, structured ,no nonsense. Male or boss energy, usually unemotional or inflexible.
5 / V Hierophant
Spiritual or religious advisor, teacher, ancient secrets. Nurturing your spiritual or soul side, for higher spiritual growth. Like the pope in the church
6 / V1 Lovers
Emotional spiritual and psychic union, love affair or commitments. Lovers.
7 / V11 Chariot
Journey of emotion, travel, hard work and reward, willpower. Traveling in relationship, working on issues.
8 / V111 Strength
Loving courage, inner strength and determination. Stay strong and positive even though there might be trying circumstances
9 / 1X Hermit
Seclusion whether self or enforce, inner reflection, lonely, time for reflection. Soul searching and introspective time. Withdraw into your cave for renewal.
10 / X Wheel of Fortune
Destiny versus free will, circle of life, luck, chance. End of a cycle, time is ticking.
11 / X1 Justice
Choice or decision or justice issue.
Legal matters, speeding / parking fines / signing papers.
Justice / injustice in situations.
12 / X11 Hanged Man
Hang in there, timing issue, readjustment. Timing card, not quite ready for movement yet. Hanging around for a bit.
13/X111 Death
Change or end allowing for rebirth or transformation. Transition or end of a situation moving toward change.
14 / X1V Temperance
Balance in all areas whether spiritual or physical, moderation, self-control. (Help from our angels)
15 / XV Devil
Material world, temptation or addictions or sexual issues caution to overindulge.Unbalanced life. Can be sex abuse or other wounding from others.
16 / XV1 Tower
Necessary massive and unexpected change or events.
17/XV11 Star
New life, hope, vision and inspiration for the future.
18/XV111 Moon
Balancing/contrasts of opposites, intuitive insight, dreams. Confusing or conflicting times, lack of clarity on a situation.
19 /X1X Sun
Happiness ,vitality, success and growth. Best card in pack.
20 / XX Judgment
Pressing decisions, clarity of judgment, karma and healing.
21 /XX1 World
End of the cycle, completion, success.

For further dates and information call me, Steve on 04187736114 or look on this website under courses.
Spreads or Layouts.
Spreads or layout are the pattern that the cards are laid out in to read them. There are literally thousands of spreads that have been used. Later on when you get more comfortable with the cards you might want to design your own layout. But for the moment I will show you a few to start on. If you do my day course the manual has many different spread to use. Practice the first spread often and it will become second nature. Every morning or evening sit down with a cuppa and throw out some cards for yourself or others. This is the only way to get better – by practice. It is just like a muscle, if you don’t exercise it, it will not get stronger. So any time you get a few minutes throw a few cards out and see what turns up. Also having a diary for yourself and by recording the cards every day, shows you how spot on your readings are when you look in the future about what you predicted. Confirmation is great for our confidence. During the day course many more spreads for different purposes will be presented in your manual for further study and use.
A. Yes/No Answer. (3 cards)
The first one we will do is the simple three cards, yes or no spread. Get the client to ask a question and spread the cards and get them to pick any 3 and place them picture up in front of you. By interrupting the three you can answer their question. Sometimes you may get a yes and no answer or it is not clear one way or the other. If that happens get them to choose 3 more and place them over the previous 3. You can use this one in the mornings for yourself to practice with. Ask a question and read for yourself. We can also use this spread during a reading to answer their direct questions.
Question: A lady asks, is this relationship good for me?
Think and answer what you would advise to your client.

B. Celtic Cross. (10 cards)
This spread is most common spread used by most readers, but not all. It will be the one we will concentrate on the most. It is an old traditional spread that is used to glean a lot of information from for the client. The more layers you put out the clearer the reading. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle coming together with the more pieces you find until the picture become crystal clear.
1. What you come to the reading for / The question.
2. What crosses the issue / For better/worse. Positive/negative& both sometimes.
3. Foundation /How you feel deep inside, not express usually to the outside world.
4. Past / Influences from past, not used much except to break bad patterns/ cycles.
5. How the outside world see you / What outsiders see or feel about you.
6. Here and now. / Current forces now and about a week into the future..
7. Emotional / Your emotions at present. Especially important area for females.
8. Environment / Material/Home/ Money/ Career area etc.
9. Hopes and Fears / Positive or negative.
10. Outcome/ Generally out to about to about 9 Months, sometime we can see 10 years or more. As we have free will this area can change with a different direction or decision taken.

Absentee, Skype, Photo or Phone Readings.
Because we pick up and read energy, the person doesn’t necessary have to be there in the physical. Imagine energy is like the electrical current running down the phone line. All we are doing is picking up the signal and converting it to our thoughts. One important area we need to remember is to have the person’s permission; it is all about respect and integrity. In these types of readings we need to shuffle for the person concern while thinking of them or looking at their picture or using another aspect of them such as date of birth. This will also be covered in the day course.
Reversed Cards in a Reading.
A card upside down in the reading is what we call a reversed card.
WHAT YOU NEED TO REMEMBER is that it does not have to mean the opposite? I cover reversed cards in the Advanced Tarot course.
Colours and Symbols in the Cards.
Colours can give us a lot of information about the card’s meaning or hints towards its keyword. Colours surround us every day, and while some depress us, others uplift us. In the day manual there is an index on what the colours represent. This is another way we can feel the card to understand the energy. The first thing you should look when you’re starting out is whether the card feels positive or negative. Sometimes it can be a bit of both. Usually though it is clear about whether it feels good or bad.
Symbols can be important aspects to hone in on in a reading to receive more information. Often I will notice one or more objects in the spread that stand out. This is spirit way of working with you. Take notice and explore the object or image. Symbology will be broken down and presented in fine detail in the manual
Extra Information to help.
In readings we use all our senses to read for people. I encourage you to ask questions of the client to zoom in on the problem/s. As a reader we need to get to the core issue/s of their concern. If we do gypsy readings and tell them they will live to 110 and have 50 children we are not much help to them, except for maybe entertainment. Most clients will only see you when they are at low points or depressed in life. I have yet to see someone visit me because they have just won a million dollars in lotto and they are on top of the world. Usually it is the opposite and worse.

Body language is an important area overlooked in a lot of readers. If you observe it, amazing bits of information can be gleaned from the body. When people cross arms and legs and pull back from you, they are showing you that you have hit a core wound /issue or they are protective and defensive. Often you can feel tears welling in the client and you can chose to press harder/ gentler or back off for a while and approach it from a different way.
Often when clients shuffle the pack they will shuffle once and hand them back. This does them no good or us for that matter. Explain to them that they are putting their energy into it for us to read their energy, so could they please shuffle till they feel that’s it enough. Some readers can pick up spirit or guides in their readings, they come through to me as pins and needles. This is a bonus but not everyone can or wants to do this. When getting to know the cards your first thought is always the right one. If you sit there too long and think about it, you are in your mind and not your intuition. Do not censor the information coming through from spirit. A silly bit of information to us might be a great deal to the client. Remember we are a conduit for the people upstairs.
Before you start reading release your logical, critical mind, this is why meditation before the reading is often beneficial as it relaxes you and allows you to tune in to your intuitive self. Take a deep breath and see what the cards bring to you. Does the symbol on the card represent anything to you, what stands out? Does the number or colour on the card have any relevance?
Remember if you’re thinking too much about it you are probably using logical mind and not your intuitive part. Often the most unlikely predictions turn out to be right and come out straight away. Work on releasing your logical mind and trusting yourself.
Don’t worry if things don’t come to you straight away, sometimes you might have to see a few cards together before you can get some information. It’s having fun and trusting yourself.
As you read the individual cards and tie them together you will get a bigger picture of the situation. Remember the jigsaw puzzle; it’s hard to see the overall picture with just one piece.
Often beginners try to learn all the general meanings of the cards first, but try instead to feeling and see what the card brings to you, before looking up the index. Don’t forget there are no right or wrong answers; it’s all about tuning into the cards.
The cards are only a tool for our insight, not a magical piece of cardboard.
For learning with others in a fun environment I recommend my day courses in Cairns and for those outside our lovely city I will soon be introducing an online course to learn in the comfort of your own home. For further information check out

2017.18.Feb – Tarot Workshop.

Below is a list of some of my testimonials from my valued students, many are reading cards for others regularly in such loving environments such as the Cairns Spiritual Centre.

For further dates and information call me, Steve on 04187736114 or look on this website under courses.

Steve is an excellent president of our spiritual centre, sensitive reader and psychic and a general good guy.
I have learnt so much new information. Steve is a great mentor and very intuitive reader.
Shani K
Very interesting and fun, so informative and enjoyable.
Marie P
Informative, fun and awesomely interesting. Intriguing too ‘ cos its accurate’.
Katie P
Fun, Fun and Fun!
Noi G
I love Steve’s open heart, loving energy and boundless enthusiasm Thanx.
I’ve learnt so much 
Gwen G
I am so overwhelmed, it was all and more than I expected.
Christine L
Profound. Spiritually grounding and hopeful. Most beneficial and healing ever
Thank You.
Toni C