Local Council Blocks the Crystal Ball Bookstore.

We need some help people. The lovely Angie that owns and runs our only spiritual store in town is being severely hampered in running her business by the the Cairns City Council. It lack of consultation on the changes being made to the Grafton Street area has had a negative effect on her business and those of others in the area since the council has started work 3 to 4 months ago.

Blockage of Signs

Blockage of Signs

They have erected a monstrosity of a structure right outside the store, blocking all views, signs and Feng Shui into the shop. It is hard enough to run a business and survive these days without the council coming in willy nilly and forcing their way on the business owners without any regard for the locals. Angie needs some help so I encourage everyone to get on their email or phone and help support her through ringing their local member or council to help change the bureaucrats mind. Please remember this is the only store of its kind in the whole Cairns and Far North Area so help support The Crystal Bookstore Now. If we lose the Crystal Ball a lot of good people will  lose their jobs and our nearest spiritual store will be Townsville or beyond.

Below is a extract from Angie about the problem…………

Hi everyone

I rarely send you anything except the newsletter, and apologize in advance if I am annoying you, but we have a situation going on in Grafton Street that we can’t ignore.

Most of you will have noticed that the council have been doing works in the street for about 2 months now, & car-parking has been a major problem.  I so appreciate everyone who has been pushing through this to still support the shop.  Without this we would be closed already.  Sales have been down alot since the works, and last week the actual pagoda arrived. I was trying to stay calm through the works, thinking they would be over soon, and it might be nice to have a small pagoda outside the shop per the plan.   I was shocked to see the size of it, and that it is totally square and ugly, apart from the fact it totally blocks my signage & shop, physically & energetically.  I am sure they did not get a Feng Shui expert in, even though it is to commemorate the original Chinatown in the street.  I feel the Chinese would be insulted. There is no need for it to be that big.  A small plaque a seat & a plant or two would have been heaps, taking up many less car-parks also, & they could also have easily chosen a location without a shopfront.

I feel the council have lost their way, & are speaking through a hole in their heads when they say they support small business.  Many of us are already suffering from the economic downturn, & this is yet another blow. I am not sure I can sustain the current reduced sales, and am due to sign a new lease, which I am not totally comfortable with in the current situation.  Basically what I am asking is your continued support, & perhaps a letter or email to the council before the concrete gets too dry.  It is still possible we may be able to get them to do something more in tune with the vibe of the street which used to be lovely if we act urgently.  Drive by & see what you think.

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant.  I am feeling very angry & challenged right now, but hopefully if we all pull together, we will get through this & move onwards & upwards, & I can again find my peaceful centre.

If you wish to email www.cairns.qld.gov.au then click “contact us”

Their mailing address is: P O Box 359 Cairns Qld 4870

Phone 4044 3044                                                                                                                                   I am having a meeting with them this afternoon, so soon would be great so they get that people actually care what happens with their money & the effect on small business in Grafton Street.


Many thanks & kind regards Angi

Crystal Ball Bookstore
Ph 07 4031 1482
91 Grafton St Cairns
PO BOX 495N Cairns North 4870

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