Mayom the Energy Mover.

Hi everyone, Just have to tell you about one of my favorite Healers in Cairns. Her Name is Mayom and her connection to spirit is very Strong. Mayom has been trained in Thailand with the original Thai Massage. To watch her work is truly a work of art.

Mayom working on a client

I don’t often recommend people but with Mayom her ethics are beyond reproach and I have seen her work wonders. One lady who was stressed at home, work and in the relationship, walked in burnt out and came out like a giggling 12 year old school girl. I hadn’t heard her laugh like that in ages. Mayom specializes in energy movement and Traditional Thai Massage and unlike some around town has been formally trained and certified in Thailand. Please try or suggest Mayom next time you feel uptight or stressed. Mayom can be contacted most nights at the Cairns Night markets on the Esplanade or for a personal appointment call her on 0432102153.

A Prayer before work

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