Meditation and Sitting Still.

Hi everyone,welcome again to my spiritual posts where I share a bit of my day with you.

I been promising myself for weeks to get myself away from the house building and go to the oneness blessing that the lovely Annette runs on a Monday night at Cominos house. Cominos House is situated in Greenslopes Street at Edgehill. Well after running out of excuses to myself, I turned up and had a beautiful,calming and peaceful experience. I often recommend Meditation to my valued clients as a way to quell their busy mind. Usually I find that if only people invested just a small amount of time everyday to practice stilling the mind and mental process through meditation, sooner or later they will reap the huge awards of tuning into the real themselves and answer many of their own doubts and questions. And not mentioning feeling a lot more at peace with the circumstances and people affecting their life on a day to day basis.

Well getting back to the oneness meditation last night. I had to laugh (internally at least) when the time came to quieten myself and go into our own space. I had this lovely young fella next to me that had ants in his pants in so much that he couldn’t sit still. His coughing, yawning and chair scratching took me back to a time 20 years ago when I was first starting out and I was fidgety and couldn’t relax during meditation. Often I was in trouble with the lovely Jo because I bloody couldn’t sit still………. I thank her now for all her patience with me. Now don’t get me wrong I’m still not that monk that can sit expressionless and motionless for 2 days on top of a mountain. There are times that I wriggle and scratch my nose and think about what a busy day I’ve had, but generally I can go into that quiet spot and calm the outer me so much faster than I used to do it. It says something about how powerful our mind is at trying to control our body, for it’s greatest fear (the mind) is to lose the power of control in us.

So for all those out there starting out in meditation or reconnecting, expect and go with the little scratches and body movements of the minds ego and you will sooner or later bust into that quiet zone where peace and calm rule and the outside world is a distant whirl on your inner sactum. For information on meditation I suggest both Annette at


and Richard Stolz on

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