Mike Lucas’s Talk on 7 Laws of Nature, this Sunday.

The 7 Laws of Nature

Are you interested in the bigger picture?

We are trying to structure our lives with all kinds of home made rules and codes of conduct, but they all seem to be freely exchangeable and different from place to place and time to time. So are there any universal guidelines or code of conduct that will stand up to all times and places and can make our lives happier and more predictable?

Yes there are. And they are written in nature all around us, if you care to look.

In this seminar, I’ll explain the basic 7 laws of nature and their relevance to our lives at every level, personal, communal, national and international. And how the ignorance and disregard of those laws is responsible for all manmade misery at all times and places.

And armed with this knowledge you can make decisions that can enhance your life and increase your personal happiness.

If you are interested in this, see you at the seminar. – Mike

When: Sunday 10th June 5 pm
Where: 25 Oxley Street Edge Hill
Cost: $15
Phone: Mike on 0439 725 201

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