Mitchell Coombes in Cairns

For those lucky enough to be able to be at the tanks at Edgehill yesterday you could have seen Mitchell Coombes preform on stage with his psychic gifts. The No.5 Tank was pretty full when he came on a 1 o’clock and chairs were at a premium. Being able to pick individuals out of the crowd to give them messages from their love ones was truly inspirational. I was feeling the sadness from the crowd and a one point was crying with the feeling in the room. I had to ask for my guides to take away the sadness and it went.

Mitchell truly preforms such a valuable service for those that are distraught missing love ones. His show is full of energy and laughter, just what is needed in times such as these. I highly recommend him if you ever get a chance to see him. His gifts to society are so needed and it was a pleasure to see him work.Long may he work his magic.


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