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In this section we look at some uncanny pictures or images we have taken along our travels.


Yungaburra Church orbs

Orbs in the old Church, where the preacher would have preached

A subject that often brings controversity, non physical objects present in photo images. Known under many name and guises, these images can come in all shapes and sizes. Most commonly orbs or round spots in the photos. These can be caused by the camera flash reflecting of water droplets from rain or other solid mediums. Then there are other times when the orbs show up unexpectedly in your images such as the one above. This was taken in a sealed church on a cold morning in June. The church has been converted to a B&B. The bed is resting on the wooden floor that the preacher or priest would have weekly caste the demons from the congregation. I just took the picture accidently and later discovered all the orbs. With all the funerals, meetings and occasions that took place in the church over the years, I would not be surprised to find some left over energy or activity from the spirits.

Legs and?

After Reiki Healing we took some pictures

The next series is interesting,we often have Spiritual or Reiki healing nights were a group of us take turns and with one on the table receiving , and 3 or 4 other people sending loving healing or energy into the person on the table. Its all free and loving, but after a hour or two with 20 people in a small area, the warmth and the energy builds up and can get quite strong. I decided to take some shots and was amazed at the results. What do you think?

If you have any interesting photos i would love to see them.


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