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Love the snow

Love the snow

What an experience my first snowfall ever (this time around). I know this might be boring or even (so what) to some of you, but seeing this truly blessed event of my first snow, stirred my soul with what I cant explain yet. Maybe it something from the forgotten past or something new, but wow. Walking this morning, with light snow falling,ears tingling with the brisk cold and watching mother nature covering up mans works of arts, made me so glad I had this experience and opportunity to travel to the other side of the world. This last week we have been in some of the loveliest spots in the world with a long history to match (Zurich and Oslo). The record of humanity against each other is not one we should be proud of, with wars and battles but the history in the museums is like a snap shot of time. Allowing us in some small way to try and understand the dramas and hard living of our lost generations of humanity. Back to where I started My first snow fall was blessed to me by Mother Nature and I thank her immensely.

Snow in Honefoss

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