Sad Day for Me Yesterday with the Passing of a Old Friend. R.I.P

It was a overwhelming sad day yesterday when I was asked to take a beautiful old lady to the vets to put her down. Peeky 15, had a massive cancer on a tit and it was taking over her body functions with its pure size. Peeky didn’t want to leave us and we certainly didn’t want her to go, but sometimes the kindest thing we can do is release them from their suffering. I will never forget her smile and welcoming wag of her docked tail. Sometimes I thought she would turn herself inside out with her pure joy to see us. She lived a fun life, originally from the farm at Mirriwinni, running around catching Cattle,Horses and organising the other bigger dogs, she was the queen of her domain. Later on in life she came to the big smoke and true to her spirit adapted with little or no fuss. For the last couple of months she had a new kid on the block to put into place like the matriarch she was, Minue a pussy cat and all. Peeky was the mother of many litters, one of her offspring resides with me now Benny and another daughter Sally lives with Robyn. She was truly a lady of strength and beauty even when she rolled in cow poo or some other evil smelling stuff.


R.I.P Peeky


Lovely Old Lady

Lovely Old Lady

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