Science verses the Metaphysical.

I don’t know about the rest of you good people out there, but do you ever feel Science always lags behind reality or real life. I happened to come across this article, which sounds like breaking news until you realise I have known this all my life!

Take a look at the article and science is only just catching up to something that’s as old as the human race. Its show researchers are just now realising the human body can predict future events. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and many others have known and predicted things many years ahead of time. Just like some sceptics, a lot of the scientific world seems to be stuck behind their logical minds and outdated ideas and never moved until they can see concrete proof and can make sense of what is  the truth for the rest of us. But God bless them, they make life interesting. Re minds me of the time about 500 years ago when the scientific world then thought if we went too far in a ship we would fall of the edge of the world, as a lot of the people at the time thought it was flat. There are things out there in this world and beyond that we cant explain at the moment, through in years to come will be taken as normal occurrences.

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