Selenite the Moon Goddess.

57 20130522_093433 20160103_082325 (2) 20160103_082337 (2) 20160103_082513 (2)Today I am to looking at the quality’s of Selenite the clearing stone. The name of selenite comes from the Greek Moon Goddess Selene, and means Moonlight glow.The chemical term is CaSo-4-2 (H2O) which in layman’s terms is Hydrated Calcium Sulfate. The pure crystal is the high frequency connection between our physical bodies and our higher self. It brings clarity of mind and helps clears our mind of clatter if we are open to removing it. A crystal for the new earth vibrations coming in as well as a stabilizer of for excess emotions. When in a wand form, Selenite is used for healing especially when in a protective role for removing others negative thoughts and energy infiltrating into your personal aura. It resonates at a high frequency of deep wisdom and ancient knowledge. It is another one of my favorites. For more information on my next Crystal Healing workshop go to Do you have any?

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