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Richard from Kamerunga Meditation centre has kindly allowed me to help others with these wonderful thoughts. If you feel the need to learn meditation and their practices from a experienced teacher, Richard is your answer. I will include latest quotations from Richard.

Universal Law
Using the powers in your life brings about life changing experiences.

Greetings from Kamerunga Meditation Centre

Wishing you all well on your journey where where ever you may be.
Remember to apply the tools you learn to your every day life.

Use the powers, step thru your day, be neutral, give good wishes
and be a shining beacon to others.

Namaste ….

Using The Powers

The Power to Face

The power to face is the next power after the power to tolerate.

Using the power to tolerate engages the power to face. Remember to call the power to face, quietly under your breath. “Power to face come”. Once you have called this power, whatever you are afraid to face, seems much easier to handle and deal with directly. This is the blessing of the power to face. The power to face can be applied in the right way, which has the desired effect, or the wrong way which backfires upon the user. So some instruction on its use is needed to protect the person wielding this power.

When calling The power to Face, the attitude behind the use is to allow you to transform yourself internally. its use is not intended to transform the other person, situation or thing that is causing you disturbance. Its use is to show you internally about yourself and what you need to do to change to cope with this situation. When used in this way, your change will invoke the change in others over time but not when you expect it. Your task is to work only with that which you have sovereignty over, yourself. Others are not within your domain of sovereignty.

So if someone is upsetting you and making you angry, understand, by using the power to face, you are withdrawing from blame and moving into taking self responsibility for your own state.

To deal with the internal state first is to place yourself in a situation of inner authority and awareness. Then you will be fine, no matter what is going on externally.

There is never any need to tell another they are upsetting you because you become under the influence of their authority, not your own, then it is a struggle to free yourself.

The first step when you are being affected by something is to understand this is an internal issue, not an external issue.

If you find yourself getting angry at someone, something or a situation; sit in your own authority, call the powers, rule your own state of mind and be free.

Call on tolerance first to get you to the next step, then with discrimination and discernment, call the power to face and do what is needed, with awareness to change yourself, so the effect is less.

Once you have faced the situation and it is no longer bothering you, then if you need to say something to someone or do something, say or do it tactfully with a win-win attitude so there is benefit for all concerned.

The Mind

Remember, the mind is your advisor and it will become silent when you remember you are made of light energy, not atoms.

Remember as a Light energy Being, you can change form, as a human you cannot. So when you become aware of yourself as light energy and change from human form into being form, light form, then you can move into your essence. Light in it’s essence is a point.

Change form into a point of light energy, and the mind will become silent. The mind will surrender to you as it recognises you as its King and become silent ready to listen to any orders you may give. The mind will carry those orders out to the best of its ability as any subject to a King will do.  Change form and become a King.  Become human and become subject to the mind. You will notice when you have been a point with a silent mind, when you become human once again, the mind will consider you to be its subject and bring you under its control.

It is then a matter of maintaining the understanding that you are a light energy being working with your body, working through it but not it. If you maintain this awareness, then the mind will maintain its awareness of being surrendered to you and cooperate with you. Gradually over time this awareness will become firm.

It will take effort at first and then the awareness will hold only for a short time and then slip away. With practice during the day and regular meditation practice, the awareness will begin to hold firmer. The intellect will gain in power and strength with meditation and better retain this awareness.

The awareness of being a light energy being requires clean pure energy to be passed through the intellect for it to become strong and concentrated once again. In meditation when you connect your intellect with the Supreme and you feel the power flowing through you, it is this energy which transforms the intellect.

The more this energy enters the intellect, the more awareness it can maintain of being a light energy being. The more your mind will be surrendered to you, the more you will be able to create the divine amazing life you wish for.

As your mind becomes gradually surrenders to you and your intellect becomes strong, your inner nature will transform.

Remember habits create attitudes, attitudes create beliefs and beliefs become your nature. Habits and attitudes are clearly visible to you and can be changed. Beliefs and nature are invisible to you and are reflected to you by others.

If you can see an attitude in yourself you wish to change, change it now whilst you can see it. Change it Now! Tomorrow it may be invisible to you and you have lost your chance to change!

The Mind, Intellect and Subconscious Mind are organs of you the Being or the soul.

The mind is a screen though which the sensory information and your inner nature is revealed to you, so you, the being knows what is going on around you. This sensory information has a meaning you have applied to it growing up and understand what the information means through the meaning you have given feelings. Based on these meanings, decisions can be made about what to do.

The Intellect is the advisor who discriminates, discerns, judges and decides. It contemplates the best course of action to take and the best tools to use for the best outcome. The intellect is the part of you that begins meditation, focuses and concentrates and guides you into the experience of connecting with The Supreme Being and then allows experience of the mind to take over the journey.

The subconscious is the store of all the meanings you have given to the sensory and situational information. These meanings form part of your attitudes, beliefs and nature. The job of the intellect is to weigh up all this information using the power to discriminate and discern and decide what is the best action, solution and outcome to strive for in each given situation. When it has decided then the intellect will act and express itself which will affect the people round you, hopefully for the benefit of all concerned leading to the good wishes and blessings of those around you.

The I in the middle is the being part of you, the light energy being who transforms itself into its essence, a point of light energy and connects with the Supreme Being. The I, is the awareness of the being working through the human, the awareness of working through atomic energy, the body, in truth and in harmony with universe and universal energy. When I am in harmony, everything I do is harmonious, powerful and brings benefit to everyone and everything.

Being state allows you be to in neutral, be energetic, able and fully present with zeal and enthusiasm. Enjoy the journey, step by step, it takes time, so be patient with yourself and enjoy every step of the journey

Remember to enjoy every aspect of your life

Take Care

Om Shanti

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Universal Law
Using the powers in your life brings about life changing experiences.

Using The Powers


Right Power Right Time

Being accurate and knowing

Remember, you need a store of power from your daily meditation practice to make all the tools work effectively. So give yourself at least 15 minutes solid sitting to accumulate power, if you can manage 30 minutes, then you will naturally be better off. Do your best with who you are and where you are right now and be comfortable with what you are doing. If you want to do more but cannot right now, either due to time or low energy, then by having that feeling you would like to do more, it will come about in a natural way. Allowing things to happen in a natural way is the best kind of effort to make as it is real and long lasting. Forcing things to be and attempting to sustain them through force will not work well in the long term.  Be a natural yogi, not a forceful yogi.

Power to tolerate

Focus on the power to tolerate for a few days and observe the power it has in your life. Remember, we call the powers by summoning them deliberately by invoking them either through our voice “Power to tolerate come” or by having the feeling “power to tolerate come”.

When The Power to Tolerate comes you will notice a distinct difference in your mind and in your reactivity, you will be easily able to cope with whatever is disturbing you in your space and you willl no longer be affected by its influence. However, now you have freed yourself, you now need to do something about the person, situation or thing.

If you clearly know what to do, then act immediately and transform the situation. If you are unsure, then create two pathways for answers to come in. The first pathway is to state to yourself “I know what to do and it’s coming”. This opens the pathway for the knowledge to enter your space so you can apply it. When you state “I know what to do and it’s coming”, a sense of calm should come over you, as you are now downloading information to resolve the situation and you know what to do.

The second pathway you can open is the pathway of transforming yourself, to become great, to become the person you need to be. To be great means, “when I change, others change”, a universal law. So if you wish someone in your space to change, find inside yourself, the part in you that has attracted this situation to itself and transform it.  Those who are dynamically connected to you will change gradually, over time, to reflect the change you have bought within yourself. By changing yourself for the better, you change others for the better, this is what it means to be great.

Enjoy each day.

See the progress you make each day using the power to tolerate and appreciate the benefit you are giving yourself. Keep a journal if you like, or not, journal about situations, your attempts at using the powers, how well they worked in a situation or not and what you can to to improve. Remember it is a step by step approach, taking small steps each day, toward becoming the person you wish to be.

Congratulations on your success in advance.

Enjoy being the being you are and connect with the Supreme


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