Smoky Quartz what does it do?

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. Thought I would start regular posts on the benefits of having particular Crystals in your life. Today I thought we would start with Smoky Quartz. Smoky has some beautiful quality’s that can benefit us through our normal day. Even having a small piece on your work desk can help you get through the day. Being a stone of grounding and protection it will help you stay focused on your project as well as absorbing unwanted negative vibrations from your work space. Being also an absorber of radiation it is useful around computers and electrical equipment so you wont get all that harmful radiation. If you would like to learn more about the beneficial effects of crystals why don’t you come along to my one day workshop at the end of this month Or if you prefer come on in for a crystal energy healing, call me on 0418773614 to book. Have a great week everyone.

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