Songkran Day, Buddhist Temple.

A small group of us  were gifted enough to be invited to the traditional Thai New Years Water celebration called the Songkran. Thank you Mayom for extending an invitation to us lucky few.

Set on a hill side in the beautiful Freshwater Valley not far from Crystal Cascades, lies the beautiful sacred temple. Not as grandiose as the Vatican or many of the Christian churches but a practical spiritual temple built for worship and prayer. A true place of Beauty. We arrived early at 10 and waited in the temple for all to arrive. The feeling of love and peace immediately surrounded us. Soon the temple starting filling even spreading outside as inside filled. The beautiful short ceremony that followed with the lone Monk and the elder was touching to watch. Everyone, even the children sitting quietly, hum and sang the prayers, chanting to the methodial beat of the Monk.

After this we all moved to the car park to offer the monk some rice and also some to the souls of family members that have passed. Pressing rice into the trees and other places allowed them to remember their loved ones in a humbling way.

Back to the temple for the food blessing, as bowl after bowl was passed to the monk with his blessing and good will attached.Thanks to the loving lady’s the food was spread on tables outside and we all got to enjoy a traditional Thai feast. The range and variety of food was staggering.

After this we had the water blessing with the monk and the elders. Reminded me of the Christian Baptism without the the extras. A bowl of rose petals and water in a cup was offered to the monk and elders, which brought a blessing and a wish for us. After being immersed in the Thai culture for hours to was hard for us to drag ourselves away. We left Mayom dancing away with the music like a 20 year old..

Thank you Cairns Buddhist for the beautiful Experience.


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