Back from the Southern Rock Townsville Sexpo. (Part 1)


Lights and actions

Colours on stage.

Hi everyone. Well we got back from Townsville Sexpo yesterday, tired but glad to be home. The Sexpo event was a blast. From Friday at 11.00 till 8.00pm Sunday,the good people of Townsville flooded through the gates to see what it was all about. What that meant was long hours for all concerned. I did get to see most of the shops and stalls, but only in a quick glance sort of a way. Every hour or so the organizer ran a event on stage, usually the bad boys, a group of young bucks strutting their stuff on stage to the howling girls and some boys, and on the other side you had the 3 beautiful young girls providing fun and excitement on the pole with shall we say sparks flying. But to me the best act on stage was Mark Anthony the hypnotist. He had the 6 or 7 people picked from the audience doing unbelievable things on stage. And with true crowd interaction, the people on stage had us in stitches.

Mark Anthony on stage.

The Boys under a spell.

The event was swamped on Saturday right up till the end. Even though the crowd could have been a lot better for the whole weekend, especially on the Sunday. Overall the event was a great first up, and I think we all hope it will be back again next year in a better and better way. I wish I could show you a few more photos, but being a family show, I might have to show you in person one day!!!!!

The Girls breathing fire on stage.

Pole Dancing to the crowd.

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